Helping Your Child Settle in to Childcare

Helping your child adjust to childcare can be a tiring task. From the fear they get from leaving you to seeing new people in a new environment, your child can easily get overwhelmed and even start crying. To minimize or even avoid tears altogether, you can slowly prepare your child for their first few days in day care. This can take some time as children need time to get used to a new environment and new people, and you as a parent have to be aware of your own actions at this time.

The following tips can help you more easily settle your child into childcare:

Ease your child into it

A sudden change of environment can be distressing for anyone, not just kids. Think about what it’s like to start at a new job and learn the ropes or to move to a new city. This is what it’s like for kids entering day care. Rather than leaving them all by them selves in long day care, you can ease your child into the environment with shorter periods initially. Before your child’s first day, you can explain to them about the new interesting and fun place they are about to visit. Doing this makes your child feel more comfortable.

Make time to stay with your child for the first few mornings

The best way to make them feel comfortable at day care is to stay with them for a little bit on their first few mornings. Seeing a familiar face will help them stay calm and they can be curious about the new environment without worrying about where you are. Both of you can read a book together or you can simply spend time with your child. Over time, you can leave your child at day care without having to come in with them as they will be more comfortable in the new environment.

Build good relationships with childcare staff

Your child needs to trust the people in their new environment. To encourage this, make sure that you build good relationships with the childcare staff. By watching you being familiar with the childcare staff, your child will feel secure and safe with these people also. Your child will trust the childcare experts as you trust them. Being on good terms with the staff can also help when you want to know about what your child has been doing each day. Read some Tips for Selecting the Best Childcare

Set a positive tone

If you talk about childcare in a positive way, your child think positively about childcare as well. You may have already seen the way your child will mimic your behavior and energy towards a situation if they see you do it first. Your excitement and positive energy will make them excited about childcare and look forward to each day there. Always be happy when they come home from day care and ask them about their day also.

Be organized

As a parent, it is difficult to strike a perfect balance between work and family. When your children are small, this can be especially difficult. Try and minimize stress around day care by organizing what your child needs the night before, so when it comes to getting them to day care in the morning, you can be attentive to their needs. Pack lunchboxes and bags and collect jumpers or jackets and have them ready at the door.

Leave a comfort item

If you’re concerned your child may miss you during the day, a favorite toy or blanket can be reassuring for them. You can also leave something small of yours with your child so that they can look after it for you and give it back to you when you come to pick them up. This can also help them transition from home to day care more seamlessly as they have something familiar with them and know that you’ll come get them at the end of the day.

Pay attention to how they act at home after childcare

It is important for you to watch your child’s behavior after a day in long day care. When they are first getting used to day care, observe them and note any changes to their routine. They might be tired after a busy day and want to go to bed earlier or need some quiet time when they get home. Speak with childcare staff and ask them how your kid’s day went to get an idea of what your child may need from you in the evening. Paying attention to your child’s needs will help you to make the transition to regular daycare easier for your child. It is never easy for a child to start day care, but these tips can help get you on the right path to a smooth transition for everyone. Day care should be fun for kids and as a parent you shouldn’t be worrying about them when they’re there.