Signs You Need to Service or Replace Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioners can be a huge relief from the hot Australian summers. However, they might not always work at their best. They may produce bad smells, not cool the house consistently or leak. 

Even if you regularly have your air conditioning serviced, such as once a year, it’s possible for air conditioning repairs to be needed before the next scheduled service. So, instead of ignoring them or waiting until the next servicing date, you should act immediately and call an air conditioning maintenance expert.

Rectifying the problems when you notice signs your air conditioner isn’t working will help you avoid costly breakdowns and allow you to extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. But what are some signs that you should look out for? Read onto find out and also what may be causing them.

No Cool Air

The primary purpose of air conditioning is to cool the room. However, if you notice this is not happening, then it’s a clear sign that your air conditioning needs maintenance or repairs.

If your air conditioner is not circulating cold air, even at its maximum setting, then there’s something wrong with it that requires professional assistance. It may mean that the refrigerant level is too low. The cause may also depend on external factors like the area you live in, the type of air conditioning unit you have and how frequently you are using it.

Inconsistent Temperature

Your air conditioner should cool the room evenly. However, if some spots are extremely cold and some places are not receiving any cool air, then it’s a sign that your air conditioning is not functioning properly.

Limited Airflow

Do you feel like cool air is not circulating properly around your place? It may be due to clogged filters and blocked duct work in your air conditioner. This happens when there is an accumulation of dirt and dust in the air conditioning vents.

If this is not the reason for the limited air flow, then there may be a problem with the compressor. If you use your air conditioning frequently, this daily wear and tear can cause the compressor to fail.

Bad Smells

If your air conditioning is not cleaned or maintained properly, then you may experience certain bad smells. A burning smell from your air conditioning can be a sign of burnt wires. If it’s a musty smell, it can indicate that there’s an accumulation of mould in your duct work.

When your air conditioning emits bad smells, call a professional and consider replacing the filters.

Strange Noises

Sometimes, you may also hear strange noises coming from your air conditioning. If it’s a grinding metal sound, then turn off the air conditioning immediately to prevent further damage. Call a professional right away to fix the problem as it will only worsen if you ignore it.

Other loud noises might be due to the fan not working properly. So, whenever you hear unusual sounds coming from your air conditioning, it’s best to rely on an expert’s help.

Unit Heating Up

If you notice your air conditioning unit heating up abnormally, it may be because your air conditioning has a dirty coil, damaged electrical wiring and components, a broken motor fan, or a refrigerant leak. Any of these reasons may increase the temperature of your air conditioning unit, and it is a sign that you should call for expert help right away.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Unit Leaking

Any kind of unusual leakage is a sign that your air conditioning needs servicing. You should take a refrigerant leak particularly seriously. Refrigerant can be harmful to both animals and humans, so you should not ignore fixing this leak.

A water leakage from the air conditioning inside your house is less of a danger, but it still needs to be fixed to avoid more significant problems in the future.

High Humidity Inside

It’s natural to for there to be higher humidity levels during summer and spring, but that shouldn’t be the case inside your home when your air conditioning is on.

Once turned on, the air conditioner should automatically decrease or moderate the humidity levels. If it’s not doing this, then it’s a sign that your air conditioning needs repairing. Depending on the extent of the problem, a professional will suggest a simple re-calibration of the air conditioning or tell you to consider a whole-house dehumidifier. You can also have a look on our blog on the 5 things to think about before buying an Air Conditioner

Increases in Energy Bills

It’s normal to receive higher electricity bills during hot seasons when you’re using your air conditioner more frequently. However, if the bills are higher than expected, then your air conditioning may be one of the reasons for it.

Conduct an energy audit in your home and check whether all electrical appliances are working as they should. If your air conditioning is the reason for high electricity bills, it’s a sign that it needs repair.

Are you repairing your air conditioner a lot?

It’s normal to need an air conditioning repair or two between services. However, if you are repeatedly repairing your air conditioning, then it’s a sign you should replace it with a new one. Have a professional inspect your air conditioner before you purchase a new one. Expert air conditioning maintenance services can tell you if you’re better off replacing or repairing your air conditioner.