How to Wash Your Car?

wash your car

Do you love your car? Do you always take it to the car mechanic for regular services and to fix any issues? If your answer is yes to to both of these questions, then you are a genuine car lover. But whether you’re a car love or just a daily commuter, few of us are experts when it comes to car cleaning.

Nothing is quite like a sparkling clean car. It can be a real pleasure to be in a clean car. And keeping your vehicle clean also helps you keep on top of any minor wear and tear issues. You might even find you need to visit your local mechanic less.

When it comes to cleaning your car, you can choose a reputable car washing company or you can take on the task yourself. Washing your car at home will help you save money, as well as keep you up to date with your car’s condition. So, below we’ve put together the ultimate guide for washing your car at home.

Get everything ready

Before you start washing your car, make sure that you have everything ready. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to wash a car. This depends on how dirty and big it is. Therefore, having everything ready before you start can save you lots of time and hassle.

Make sure you have a good car cleaning solution, as well as a sponge or washing mitts to spread the solution over the car. For cleaning the wheels, get a wheel brush. You’ll also need two large buckets. Don’t forget to have one or two large micro fibre towels for drying your car at the end.

Find the perfect spot

It’s surprisingly crucial to pick the right spot to start washing your car. You need a shady spot to avoid the sun drying the car too early. Otherwise, you can end up with streaks and smears that need to be washed again.

Similarly, if the car is warm from being in the sun, even in the shade it can dry too quickly and before you finish washing it. If you can’t find a shady spot, make sure your car is cool to the touch at least.

Fill your buckets

Fill both your buckets with water. Add the recommended amount of car cleaning solution to one. Save the other bucket for rinsing your sponge or mitts.

Some people may suggest using dish washing detergent to clean your car but do not use this. This can damage the paint on your car. Only use a specially formulated car cleaner and follow the directions on the packaging.

Hose down your car

Start by wetting your car entirely. Use a hose to spray water on the entire surface of the vehicle. See if you can remove any obvious clumps of dirt, grime and bird droppings with the spray. Don’t forget to wet the wheel arches.

Car Mechanic

Wash your car

Dip your sponge into the solution of car cleaner and water. Gently rub the solution on one panel at a time, working from the top down. Try not to scrub or you could damage the paint.

If you drop your sponge, get another one as it can easily pick up particles of dirt and debris that can then scratch the car’s surface when you go back to washing it. Rinse your sponge regularly to avoid dirt building up too.

When you get to the wheels, use the wheel brush rather than the sponge.

Rinse your car

When you have soaped up all of the car, you can start rinsing. Using the hose again, rinsing the car from the top and gradually working your way down.

Be sure to rinse everywhere as any residual soap can affect the paint job.

Dry your car

Finally, use a micro fibre towel to wipe down your car to prevent any water stains. Don’t leave any panel unwiped and try to be precise while doing it.

Only use a micro fibre towel for drying the car’s surface, as cleaning it with a regular cloth can scratch the paintwork.

For drying windows, you can also use a squeegee to get the bulk of the water off. Make sure to follow up with the micro fibre towel though.

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Final thoughts

While it might take a few tries to get your car looking as good as it would after a professional car wash, washing your car at home is a great idea. You can save money and time doing this straight forward job yourself, while also getting the chance to notice any wear and tear or potential issues with your car. Make sure you follow the guide above and select a cleaning solution that is appropriate for your car. In just an hour or so, your car will be gleaming and you can take pride in the great job you’ve done. Just don’t forget to make the inside look as good.