Budget-friendly DIY Projects For Instant Makeover of Your Garden

During the lockdown, most of us had chosen our garden to spend most of our time chilling, relaxing, and having a safe party. Now, your garden may be in need of a little TLC. Well, the present is the best time to tackle your outdoor space to continue spending most of your time there. Several garden maintenance companies in Hawthorn East are providing the best clean-up services.

However, if you need an instant makeover, then have a glance at the top budget-friendly DIY garden projects.

  1. Recycle the furniture

When budget is the main constraint, buying a piece of new furniture feels out of reach. The savvy solution would be recycling the old ones. Try upcycling old wooden pallets and make a beautiful coffee table for your garden. To make it look new, you can sprinkle vibrant colors and give a whole new purpose to it.

  1. Perk up your old patio

Do you own a patio? With the right way, you can easily transform it into an inviting and private space. Take a can of paints and make it look stylish with a geometric pattern. It will help your furniture and other accessories to shine in your garden. Additionally, you can also hire a company that provides garden services to perk up your patio’s surroundings.

  1. Fashion garden shelving

To build unique-looking shelving, you simply need old wooden crates. Wine or apple crates can also work. Keep them upturned one after another or in a row in a freestanding position. In it, display plants or antiques like a clock, granny gumboots, and so on. For safety purposes, you can attach them to your fence behind.

  1. Build a gravel driveway

Making a gravel path with concrete slabs is the most enjoyable DIY project. The best thing about this project is it’s easy to do and there’s more to learn. Also, you can surround the path with trees, shrubs and good lighting to make a popular spot for your garden.

  1. Make a fairy spot

If you’ve kids at home, then you should be taking up this amazing project. Choose a planter at the favorite area of your garden, maybe the edge of your deck and accessorise it with fairy elements. For instance, you can build a small birdhouse, put some rustic stones around and add some teeny-tiny accessories. Furthermore, include your kids also in this project; they must have got several decor ideas.

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  1. Do companion planting

Planting is something that needs knowledge. If you’re ready to gain it or already have it, then this is the best project for your garden makeover. Many homeowners plant sections of vegetables and flowers. Instead of following the crowd, you can do companion planting. That means placing them together in the same beds. It just doesn’t save space but also boosts your yields. As well, keep plants happy by attracting more pollinators.

  1. Build a multipurpose shed

Though lockdown eased, the pandemic is still not yet over. And the risk of partying at bars or restaurants is still riskier. So, why not build your own party venue? It’s simple; build a small wooden box, further, in the center, stretch out a counter and make a roof above it. You can add 2-3 chairs around it and hang herbs from the roof for the cocktail hour.

  1. Shape your garden

One of the easiest ways to transform a garden is to shape your lawn in a defined pattern. It can be a circle, square or an oblong shape. Mark them first and then use a spade to cut the extra grass. You can utilize your weekend to execute this project. If you find it difficult, then you can call up professionals who aid with garden clean-up services. They will do the job well.

  1. Decorate walls with plants in picture frames

This DIY project isn’t just simple but interesting too. You can bring down heavy accessories and pots cost in just 10 minutes. If you have some old picture frames which you no longer want to use on indoor walls, then bring them outdoors. Further, you’ll need chicken wire, a squash of paints and succulents and moss to fill them out.

  1. Create a bird feeder

You don’t need to do big things to change the feel of your garden. You can simply let the bird in and hear their chirping sounds during free time. For that, make a DIY bird feeder and encourage birds to come to your garden. Attach saucer to a huge tree with stainless steel cable ties and hang a cup on the tree’s branch with a rope.

Final words

Garden makeover isn’t that difficult. As you can see there are plenty of projects that you can start with, so try your hand at these DIY projects and transform your garden’s look. But if your garden has become too messy due to low maintenance and you don’t have enough time to rejuvenate it, then call a garden maintenance company in Hawthorn East. They will handle your gardening work.