DIY Wood Projects for Your Home Decor That Require Minimal Skill

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Living in the house for yearlong, first because of lockdown and second due to mandatory remote working, would have made it uninteresting, Aussies. Also, doing the same things daily would have led you to boredom. Well, no other project seems to be incredibly rewarding and satisfying than creating something out of nothing. DIY woodworking is one of those projects.

Even with negligible skills, you can make some cool and enticing items and make your decor look unique. For complex projects, you can even take the assistance of a carpentry company in Frankston or the place you reside. That being said, let’s check out some DIY wood projects for your home decor that require minimal skill.

  1. Wooden sofa sleeve

Attending meetings or binge-watching on the same sofa for the past year might have made it boring. Additionally, if you’re living room is small, then side tables would eat more space. In both cases, a wooden sofa sleeve can be at your rescue. This way you can change your sofa’s look a bit, as well save space. There are many tutorials out there that can help you do the job well.

  1. Classic chessboard

If you and your family are chess lovers, then opting for this project would be super fun. Placing it in your living room or kid’s toy room can give the room a classic look. Plus, it will last for years so you can pass it down through generations. It’s really easy to make. All you need to do is take some glue, few other tools, collect contrasting wood pieces, and start building a chessboard.

  1. Painting bench

This is a perfect starter for those DIYers who are new to woodworking. It just takes less than four hours and minimal skill to make a multi-functional bench. Not to mention, this eye-catchy addition can be used indoors and outdoors as well. So, if you have any leftover bed frames or any wood material lying in your storeroom, then you can make use of it. This handy bench can be further painted and it will be ready for a break.

  1. Shoe organizer

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Plenty. Well, some shoe rack or organizer doesn’t offer enough space for all our shoes. So, you can make one from wood wherein you can store daily use shoes off the floor in natural wood racks. From winter boots to summer sandals, it can handle everything with no mud build-up. Check out its various designs and tutorial videos and make one for yourself.

  1. Cake stands

Cake presentation has become a real thing nowadays. If you’re a baker, then you should give some importance to the cake stand. A rustic cake stand can change the look of your cake as well as your home ambiance. You can use it as a new and innovative center piece of your kitchen too. Check out Pinterest and learn some DIY ways of making a cake stand.

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  1. Floating shelves

No doubt you can purchase floating shelves from stores. But, building on your own has a different vibe. At a lesser cost, you can get the same thickness, exact size, and amazing look you want. You can even trim them and give some finishing based on your interiors. Plus, if you add your creativity to it, then your floating shelves can become the talk of the town.

  1. Decorative earring holder

This is the perfect DIY project for all the ladies out there. Displaying fancy wall art in your bedroom for show-off is a little old-fashioned now. You can add a pop of colors as well as elegance to your bedroom by showcasing your pretty jewelry pieces. For that, you can make things creative by creating a wooden earring holder and flaunt your earrings.

  1. Candle holder

Candle holders can be the perfect focal points of any room. You can make it a little more stylish by using refined wood. Further, this pretty candle holder is easy to make. You only need some wood pallets, a unique design, and one power tool to get the job done. In no time, these candle holders will add that extra oomph to your decor.

  1. Laptop or computer stand

If you’re still working from home due to the ongoing pandemic, then this project would be something you might like. This is an effective way to raise your laptop off the desk and make some storage space too. This is a simple one-hour project which you can carry on your weekends without straining your brain so much. You simply need to outline a design, cut the wood in that shape with a jigsaw and finish the stand. You can take the assistance of carpentry services in Cranbourne, Mt Martha, Somerville, or the suburb where you reside.

  1. Tall planters

Tall planters are one of the simple ways to increase the curb appeal of your home. But purchasing them from the store can be expensive, that’s why DIY them. It will really look beautiful when you display plants on it at your front door. You can make a narrow box out of recycled wood and decorate it with a rope for fine details.

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Wrapping up!

These were the small and easy DIY wood projects that can help you get started with minimal skill. However, more such projects are a little complex and might need professional’s assistance. So, if you desire to utilize your weekends doing something innovative with some assistance from carpentry services in Frankston, then go for it. Lastly, always remember to go for recycled wood while buying wood materials.