Benefits of double glazing

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If you live in Australia, you’re no stranger to boiling hot summers and blistering cold winters. You also understand the necessity of finding an inexpensive method to cope with these extreme weather conditions.

Double glazing is one of these methods. Let’s understand what double glazing is, how it works and its benefits.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is when an insulated glass unit (IGU) combines numerous glass panes into a solitary window framework. Most glass units are either double glazed or triple glazed to cut down on energy costs. The panes of glass in IGUs are separated by a spacer. This space in between is then filled with inert gas. The glass is then fitted into window outlines, which are made wider so that two-layered panes can fit easily.

How does it work?

Double glazed windows makes your home more energy-efficient and gives it sound-proofing qualities. In double glazing, two sheets of glass are separated by a layer of gas. The gas acts as an insulator while the second sheet of glass acts as a barrier for noise.

Benefits of double glazing:

  1. Better insulation

Put simply, double glazed windows keep the heat in during winters and the cool air in summer. This will lessen your dependency on A/C units and heaters. Ultimately, this will cut down your energy consumption.

  1. Noise reduction

Have you ever lived in a house where you can hear the smallest noises outside? Well, with double-glazed windows, you won’t have to worry about annoying sounds. The two panes of glass reduce the amount of noise that enters your home. These windows will be perfect for those who live in a noisy area like near an airport or a train station. With double glazing, you’ll feel like you’re living in a quiet and peaceful environment away from the bustling world.

  1. Expanded security

Two-fold coated windows are a lot harder to break in comparison with single-coated windows. It is also extremely hard to force open double-glazed sliding doors from outside. This makes it harder for burglars to get into your home. You can also improve home security by picking toughened or laminated glass.

  1. Decreased energy bills

Two-fold coating allows your home to keep the heat that the sun emits. During the summer months, the cooler house means that you don’t have to utilize the air conditioner as much. Conversely, during the winter months, you won’t need to keep your heaters on all day. This will decrease your energy usage as well as your bills.

  1. Increases property value

Installing double glazed windows makes your home more comfortable to live in. This makes the house more alluring to potential purchasers compared with a house with single-coated windows. If you feel the need to sell your home down the road, then you can have a better deal with double glazing.

  1. Reduces interior damage

As you may have seen, your belongings, particularly those near the windows and doors, are somehow affected by sunlight. The UV rays in daylight gradually cause harm to your furnishings, decor and even bed covers.

Double glazed windows decrease the amount of UV rays that enter your house. The protection given by double glazing guarantees that your interior decor and furniture won’t be harmed from the external temperature.

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  1. It is eco-friendly

We must find approaches to reduce the adverse effects of energy consumption on climate. For this purpose, double glazing is the best bet you have. It lessens energy utilization and is, therefore,better for the environment.

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  1. Simple Maintenance

Today, manufacturers make their IGUs easy to clean and wipe off.

If you have IGUs, make sure that you clean the windows regularly as dust build-up can cause discolouration. Wipe down the condensation on window frames regularly so there will be no need for abrasive cleaning. Do this and you can be sure that your two-fold coated windows will serve you for quite a while.

  1. Style

Double glazing is an amazing method to increase the appeal of your home. Today, all the architectural profiles can be fitted with a two fold coating without compromising the look and feel of the house. All you need is to ask professionals.

  1. Prevent mould

The humidity of the outer environment can cause many health-related problems like asthma attacks and lung infections. Double glazing minimises condensation and, thus, prevents the occurrence of mould on your window framework.

That was just a general overview on the benefits of double glazing. We are sure that, after reading the benefits, you’re just dying to get ones of your own. So, get in contact with a double-glazing installation professional today to get double glazed windows installed in your home.