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How to Make Your Car Park Safer?

car park line marking Melbourne

Creating a safe environment is important for any business. If the place where the customers and employees park their cars is not safe, then there is a good chance of accidents happening. Pedestrian-related accidents occur mainly in car parks if precautions aren’t taken. Unregulated parking lots can also become conducive to criminal activities.

If people feel unsafe, then they will avoid that particular parking zone. As an owner of a business, one must take the necessary precautions to ensure worker safety in the parking lots.

To help you prevent pedestrian-related accidents, here are some of the tips to follow:

  • Have clear entries and exits

Pay attention to entry and exit points in any parking lot. These points, most of the time, are stuck with the heavy traffic. People will face problems with the heavy rush of vehicles in these areas. If your entry and exit points are not clear, then it can create mishaps and accidents.

So, from a safety point of view, the entry and exit points of parking lots must be clear. Mark all the points to avoid accidents. Also, put signposts where it is necessary.

  • Direct traffic flow with line markings and signs

A controlled traffic flow can help reduce the number of accidents that occur. In parking lots, traffic flow is often directed with the line marking and signposts. Car park line marking helps to control the traffic in an efficient manner.

Adding pedestrian crossing signs also help in directing vehicles.

  • Have safe intersections

Intersections are the points where two pathways cross each other. Therefore, vehicles often get into accidents in such areas. Make sure to give drivers clear signs of where to stop and give the way.

Also, have a clear stop line to avoid confusion. Install mirrors in the blind spots to improve visibility. All these signs and markings will help drivers to act safely

  • Advise speed limit

The speed limit is another concern in car parking lots. Restrict the speed limit to 15km/h. A small increase in a vehicle’s speed can substantially increase the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Put a sign advising the required speed. Additionally, you can install CCTV cameras to discourage speeding and reckless driving in the car park. Signposting the speed limit will also reduce a good number of pedestrian accidents.

car park line marking
  • Designate parking spaces

Space must be designated to park the cars. A designated space will help to park and move vehicles easily. If it is not, then anyone can park anywhere, which can only create mishaps and accidents. Also, indicate directional arrows on clearways to avoid confusion.

The visitor’s signs, stencils, and yellow wheel stop signs will also help drivers to know where to park. Do not forget about indicating disabled parking spaces with blue wheel marking. Allow for enough space and make the spot easily identifiable.

  • Install sufficient lighting

Good lighting in parking lots makes the space much safer. If your parking lot is in the basement area, then providing sufficient lighting is the business owner’s responsibility. People usually avoid dark parking lots because such spaces are often prone to accidents and criminal activities.

Moreover, lighting is necessary for navigation in parking lots. If there is no sufficient lighting, then it can be difficult to see the pedestrians and other motorists. Well-lit parking lots have a reduced number of accidents and potential hazards.

While selecting lighting for parking lots, choose a good color. Also, reduce glare as much as possible. Remove all shadowy areas and pick a high-quality lighting fixture.

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  • Have pedestrian walkways

Pedestrian walkways are another factor that you must consider. Pedestrian walkways are necessary for parking lots. This is so that everyone knows where to walk and where to drive.

Limit interaction between pedestrians and cars. You may need to add bollards or raise a curb to enforce this separation. Plus, cones and barriers block hazardous or restricted areas. Make your car park safe with the tips we have outlined above. Doing so will reduce the number of accidents and keep pedestrians as safe as possible.