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How To Childproof Your Yard?

Childproof Your Yard

Having a backyard can be a selling point for many homes. For families with children, it can be a great place for kids to explore the outdoors safely, play games with family or even just relax in the sun. However, it takes work to create a backyard that is safe for children to explore. And any parent knows that kids often like to be mischievous and take risks. Therefore, it’s important you make your yard as safe as possible for your children. Here are some steps you can take to do just that.


  • Remove poisonous plants

While some plants can have beautiful leaves and blooms, they can be extremely harmful to people. Some plants need to be ingested, while others simply need to be touched to cause rashes and the like. Take the time to research the plants in your yard and remove any that present a risk to your children. If you can’t bear to part with them, dig them up and put them out of your child’s reach. You can also fence them off.

  • Fence off garden beds

Speaking of fencing off plants, it can be a good idea to fence off your garden beds. This not only prevents kids from interacting with potentially harmful plants, but also saves your garden beds from being trod on. It can also make it easier to supervise your children as they play as they can’t disappear into any green hidey-holes.

When your kids are older and understand how to play safely outside, you can remove the fence if you wish.

  • Look out for dangerous insects

Australia is home to a wide range of wildlife — even in suburban backyards. And as any Australian knows, our country is home to plenty of venomous creatures too. Funnel web and redback spiders are common in many gardens, as well as different species of wasps.

Therefore, to childproof your yard, you need to be on the look-out for these creatures. Do your best to avoid creating ideal habitats for them, as well as removing them when you notice them setting up residence. Talk with your children too about insects and spiders they shouldn’t approach.


  • Keep door locked

Your garden shed or garage may be where you store many dangerous items, including chemicals and tools. Children may injure themselves if they have free access to such a space, therefore it’s best to keep the shed door locked at all times.

  • Keep chemicals out of reach

Even with the shed door locked, it’s best to take preventative measures to avoid your children coming to harm. Therefore, you should keep any chemicals, like pesticides or insecticides out of their reach. So even if your kids do enter your shed without supervision, they are less likely to injure themselves.

  • Store power tools and garden tools safely

Similarly, while locking your shed door is an important step, it’s a good idea to take preventative measures. Just like keeping chemicals out of reach, make sure any power and garden tools are put away safely. Doing so not only protects your children, but also minimises the risk of accidents to yourself as you work in the shed. Additionally, properly storing tools can increase their useful life and mean less repairs.


  • Fenced off in compliance with local regulations

If you have a pool or any body of water that is more than 30cm deep in your yard, it will need to be fenced off. Your area may have specific regulations about how tall the fence needs to be along, with additional information about gates and items near the pool. Check what regulations apply to your pool.

  • Children must always be supervised

Even strong swimmers can get into trouble, so whenever your children are swimming or in the pool area, they need to be supervised. Make sure your children also know how to swim and what to do if they or someone else is having trouble.


  • Make sure fences don’t have any gaps

To avoid children leaving the property without supervision, make sure your backyard is fully and adequately fenced. Your children should not be able to climb it, slip through gaps or crawl under it. It can also be a good idea to ensure if you have a gate that it is automated. An automated gate can be set to only open for adults and eliminates the possibility of forgetting to shut the gate behind you.

  • Regularly check play equipment for issues

Exposure to the elements can slowly degrade play equipment. This can lead to rust and sharp edges, splintering wood and even structural weaknesses. Make an effort to regularly look over your children’s outdoor play equipment to check for these issues. Repair or remove the equipment as necessary so that children do not injure themselves as they play.

  • Teach children about interacting with animals

Along with doing your best to remove harmful insects and spiders from your yard, it’s your responsibility as a parent to educate your children on how to safely interact with any animals they may encounter in the backyard. For instance, you should teach them to never approach a snake but to get an adult instead.

Similarly, it’s important to teach your children how to play outside (and inside) with any pets you have. Remind them that your pet has a mind of its own and may not always want to play when your child does. If you have a dog, it can also be a good idea to teach your children to not take toys or food from it.

  • Supervise children when outside

Even with all the best childproofing, it’s important that you continue to supervise your children as they play outside. This way you can stop risky behavior before an accident occurs, as well as spend some quality time with your children. Use these handy tips to make your backyard as safe as possible for your children so you can all enjoy some time outdoors this summer.

12 Reasons to Install Windows Roller Shutters at Your Place for Security

window roller shutters

With the increasing crime rates in Australia, you need to increase your home security. While there are many ways to protect your house, one of the best ways is installing electric shutters in Kings Park. They are closely fitted with your windows, so they are difficult to take down but people still think that is it worth investing? For those, who have a question, this blog is the answer to your questions. Here are some reasons and benefits to invest in them for your home or commercial property.

  • Fire protection

As there are several bush-fire zones in Australia, if you stay in any of them, you should consider adding window roller shutters. It will protect you from the fire as they have enough protection strength for your glass window.

  • Ease of use

If you’re thinking that roller shutters are heavy to open and impossible to move after some years then you’re wrong. You can add electric shutters which can be easily operated by remote control. Like their manual counterparts, they slide smoothly and quietly.

  • Versatility

Now, you can install roller shutter almost anywhere, as stylish indoor shutters are now available that can serve you in different ways. For example, you can add it as a room divider, or install as a door to connect your deck and kitchen or indoor room.

  • Thermal insulation

Electric Roller shutter can provide you with the best thermal insulation by protecting you and your home. In summers, it will protect your home from UV rays and will keep your home cooler and in winter it will help in preventing the heat escaping.

  • Style

If you’re thinking that shutters are boring and dull then no worries because they are now aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the appearance of your home. To find out the best style which suits your lifestyle and personality, get quotes from the variety of roller shutter suppliers. Moreover, you can use it trouble-free for the years to come, have them professionally installed. 

electric shutters Kings Park
  • Privacy and light control

You can control the amount of light you want in your house, thereby increasing your privacy at your convenience. You can also install shutters which are controlled by remote.

  • Save energy

The main concern of the property owner is to save the cost of energy bills which seems high when electricity is not used carefully. By installing shutter, you can save up to 60% of your energy consumption as they are made of aluminium.

  • Aesthetics and Usage

It can also enhance the appeal of your place. As it is available in a wide range of colors, patterns and custom fittings. It also enables you to choose according to the structure of your home. Moreover, it will also increase your property value and is easy to use.

  • Storm damage protection

Things like a cyclone, flood, powerful storms, etc. can shatter your windows and can damage your interiors. As the winds are strong, they can destroy your property and floodwater even damage your stuff which is worth thousands of dollars. Thus, installing a shutter will help you to protect your interiors from unwanted troubles.

  • Noise reduction

To manage the stress level, you can install the electric shutter in Werribee that offers an additional benefit of blocking out the noise from outside and inside. Since it blocks the noise from both the ways, you can entertain your guest until late at night without disturbing and worrying about your neighbors.

  • Sun protection

During summers the sun can easily enter in your home and can heat your home from inside. The common reason to install a shutter is to completely stop the heat from entering it into the home.

  • Lower insurance premium cost

While you go to take the insurance of your home, the providers check out whether you have invested in the features that can protect your home. Since the roller shutters deter the intruders attempt your insurance company will consider your house less at less risk. Moreover, you can also discuss for the discount on the premium cost, as you itself has protected your home from the storm’s damage and intruders.

Conclusion Thus, these points have brief you about the lifestyle, security, and financial benefits of installing shutters, you might be ready to take the advantage. Hence, if you’re not sure about how to select or what type of shutter will suit your property and lifestyle, you can take help from the professionals. If you want to keep heat out in summer, secure your home and save money, then consider adding roller electric shutter in Kings Park for your windows and doors in your place.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Surveillance Systems for Your Home

Home Security Systems

With the technology reaching heights, Australians are heading toward wireless systems, leaving behind the old-fashioned, cabled cousins. And therefore, home automation in Melbourne has become modern with a need for fewer cables and cords. Now, you would be able to control devices in your home from your mobile anywhere in the world.

Similarly, home surveillance systems featuring wireless technology allows you to keep an eye at your home. And make your life smarter, safer, and more efficient. Before you jump into any conclusion, we would like you to get familiar with the pros and cons of wireless surveillance systems for your home.


  • Easy to install and move

The most prominent advantage of placing a wireless surveillance system at your home is, no wires. Manufacturers have designed it, keeping in mind the users’ ease during installation and usage. It allows you to fix the systems anywhere in your home without worrying about its wires and cables.

Also, it’s comparatively easy to add wireless sensors to your home’s doors, windows, and rooms. If you ever want to move or increase your security coverage, you won’t need to run wires through your home.

  • Cheaper labor cost

As compared to traditional alarm systems, the installation time of wireless security alarm systems is less. They can be quickly placed since the signal passes through the walls and other obstacles.

Another benefit of wireless systems is that the security provider will be able to troubleshoot your issues faster. Earlier, the technician used to come to your home to resolve system-related problems. But with wireless systems, they can remotely access your system, identify and fix issues through ‘over-the-air’ tools. And it will help you to reduce the technician’s charges.

  • Added security

As there are no cables and wires that can be cut, wireless surveillance systems render you enhanced security. You will be able to disarm your system only through a password. So, even if burglars try to disarm your alarm, they will be unable to do it with wireless systems.

  • More resistant to damage

Traditional surveillance systems are more exposed to accidental damage, especially during renovations where walls are knocked down. Whereas, wireless systems have fewer issues since there are no cables between the monitoring devices and the control panel.

  • Reliability

In the case of wired surveillance systems, when the power runs out, security cameras will not operate. But that’s not the problem with wireless systems.Their main source of power is batteries. Therefore, your wireless system can stay on and even run during a power outage.

  • Supports larger systems

Traditional home security systems can only support a few security cameras in larger homes. But advanced wireless systems have a feature to hold a double or triple number of cameras. It will enable you to keep surveillance of every part of your large property.


  • Hacking risk

Though there are no wires to be cut, a wireless surveillance system is not fully secure. There is a possibility of the system getting hacked, blocking the signals to stop an alarm from working. But if it has an encrypted signal, you can avoid hacking. For this, you need to have the latest Wi-Fi password of the system.

  • Signal intervention

A wireless system could have a signal intervention because of which your smartphone can’t get a signal. It could be due to power lines, thick structural walls, and electromagnetic activity. All of these can interfere with the signal delivered by the security system.

  • Battery replacement

As most of the wireless systems run through batteries, you will need to keep a regular check to ensure your battery is working. Otherwise, the alarm of the system won’t function until they are replaced. It could be an annoying task for you, but just being aware of it can keep your family safe in your absence.

  • Limited vision and distance

Though you can place a double or triple number of cameras, it often comes in 980-1080p HD. Therefore, there are restrictions on the scope of vision.

Also, wireless cameras and motion detectors have an open-air range of up to 500 feet. And that means they are only better for small- and medium-sized homes. In case if you own a large property, then the sensor is going to be your limitation.

Talk to a professional before making a decision!

All homes are different in terms of layout, location, wiring, etc. Therefore, we would always recommend you to talk to a professional before locking a wireless home security system for your home. A pro will inspect your home and provide you insights about which security system is right for your paradise. They can also guide you with the positioning of camera placement. So, considering all the above factors, we are sure your final decision would act in your favor.

Automatic gates: Swing gates or sliding gates?

Automatic gates are a fantastic way to secure your property, while still providing easy and convenient access to your driveway. Available in a range of designs and styles, they can be seamlessly blended into fencing and overall home aesthetic.

If you’re considering installing an automatic gate, you’ll need to decide between swing gates and sliding gates. Both designs have a range of pros and cons and may be more or less suited to your property.

To help you make the most informed decision, we’re going to run through the difference between the two gate designs and look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of each design.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates open by sliding the gate sideways along the fence line to one or both sides of the roadway. This gate design works best when you’re dealing with rough ground and have ample space on one or both sides of the driveway.

Sliding automatic gates
  • Why use sliding gates

Sliding gates are ideal for the owners who are looking for a smart and economical option for driveway gates. They use space efficiently and effectively. And since they are easy to mount on various surfaces and terrains, they are an ideal choice for inclined or gravel driveways.

  • How they work

An electric motor is used to operate the sliding mechanism that opens and closes the gate. The motor can be triggered via a battery operated remote control device from the comfort of your car.

The mechanism can be attached to an existing manual gate, or you can purchase a fully automatic gate kit. Generally, they run on a trackless or track beam system. They can open to the left or right, or split in the middle to open on either side. In most cases, these gates are fully customisable and can be made to order.

Advantages of the sliding gate

  • Suitable for both residential and commercial purposes
  • Easy to install and along an existing fence line
  • Easier to install and more durable than swing gates
  • Suitable for a short driveways
  • Secure and don’t require any manual locking devices
  • Available in a range of styles including telescopic or trackless
  • Suitable for sloping or rough driveways

Automatic Swing Gates

Automatic swing gates open inward or outward along the driveway or path. They can be custom made as a complete gate and mechanism package or you can install the mechanism on your existing gates. Swing gates are available as single-leaf gates, double-leaf gate or framed gates and they can be set up to swing-in or swing-out.

Automatic gates

Swing gates have a classical look and a graceful opening motion that adds significant aesthetic appeal to the property.

Because of the gate swing radius, swing gates may not be appropriate for short driveways. They also may not be the best choice for steep or rough terrain roadways.

Advantages of automatic swing gates

  • Durable enough for medium to intensive use
  • Includes anti-crushing safety device
  • Can be manually operated in in case of a power outage
  • Ideal for residential properties
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Can be calibrated to open inwards or outwards
  • Low maintenance
  • Adds value to your property.

Ultimately, it will be your residential or commercial property that will decide which gate will be the better choice. The two main factors you should think before choosing the right gate system is space availability and ground contour.