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What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

Best Hair Extensions

If you want to add volume and length to your hair, hair extensions are a reliable and fast way. You can choose your hair extensions based on length, style, type, color and quality. Some extensions blend more naturally into your hair, while others are low maintenance and budget friendly.

This blog will help you choose the best hair extensions for your hair.

Difference between Human Hair Extensions and Synthetic 

Hair extensions are available in two main types of material: human hair and synthetic hair. There are notable differences between these two types, like:

  • Human hair extensions are made of natural hair strands while synthetic hair extensions are made from fibres composed of fine plastic threads.
  • Both are available in a variety of textures and shades. However, human hair extensions are the best for matching with your natural hair rather than synthetic.
  • Synthetic hair extensions are less expensive than human hair extensions because of the variation in quality. 

Semi-permanent and Non-permanent 

Hair extensions can also be semi-permanent or temporary. What you want out of the hair extensions will affect your choice.

Non-permanent extensions are quick to put in and take out daily, and comfortable to wear. They are excellent if you don’t want to wear extensions every day and like to change your hairstyle often. 

Semi-permanent extensions can last for 6-8 weeks. This method is best if you don’t want to be regularly putting in and taking out extensions, and you are looking for a more permanent hairstyle.

Best Hair Extensions

Pros and cons of different types of Hair Extensions

Clip-in and flip in extensions

If you want longer hair in just a few minutes, then clip-in and flip-in extensions are a great choice. You can easily clip the extensions to your roots. In 5-10 minutes, you can add 2-8 inches of length to your hair.


  • Easy to apply
  • Freedom to add and remove as you want
  • Multiple color options and styles
  • Cheap


  • Prolonged use can damage your hair
  • Need to be removed at night before bed
  • Can be low quality and wear out quickly

Tape-in extensions

Tape-in extensions are a type of semi-permanent hair extension that comes with 1.5- to 8-inch-long wefts with single or double-sided polyurethane adhesive tape tabs to fit to your head. They can take around 60 to 90 minutes to put in and they will last for 4-6 weeks. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Damage to hair is minimal
  • Can reuse the extensions by changing the double-sided tape (this adds another6 weeks)


  • Applying any oil or any silicon-based product may cause the extensions to slip and lose grip
  • Not suitable for swimmers
  • Can be difficult to comfortably tie up hair

Micro loop extensions

Micro loop extensions area permanent hair extension where a weft is looped into your natural hair using a metal ring and bead to clamp the extensions to your hair. It can take up to 5 hours to attach these extensions, but they last for 2 to 3 months. 


  • Easy to wash and blends with natural hair
  • Reusable
  • Damage to hair is minimal


  • Can be difficult to keep hidden in a high ponytail
  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Not suitable for fine or short hair

Hot fusion extensions

These permanent hair extensions need to be put in by a well-trained professional. A hairstylist will add the extensions to your hair by using a hot tool to melt the keratin bond at the end of the extensions, attaching them to your hair. This process can take around 6-8 hours and the extensions will last for 4 to 6 months with regular maintenance as your hair grows.


  • Long-lasting
  • Blends perfectly with natural hair


  • Long process
  • Heat can damage your hair
  • Extensions are not reusable
  • Application can causes evere headaches, itching or discomfort for a few days 
  • Needs to be removed by a professional

Weave in or sew in extensions

This method involves braiding your hair, then sewing the extension to the small braid. It works best with thick hair. This method takes 2-4 hours to attach the extensions and they last for2-3 months. 


  • Minimal damage to hair
  • Blends with natural hair
  • Adds volume to your hair


  • Not suitable for fine hair
  • Multiple extensions can become heavy and cause headaches
  • Needs to be removed by a professional

Hair extensions can help you get your dream hairstyle but choosing the best hair extensions for your hair can be confusing. Your choice will depend on your hair type, lifestyle and budget.