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Tyre Care Tips to Avoid Emergency Tyre Services

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There is no car without tyres as this normal-looking circular object gives a car its mobility. Tyres can be compared to a car’s limbs. Without them, a car can’t move at all. But when comparing the overall car service cycles that we follow; little heed is given to tyres. Just try to recall when was the last time you conducted a thorough check on your car’s tyre condition.

Many times, we do not even take note of its inflation pressure although it being an important aspect for a safe drive. According to Australian law, a car needs to have a roadworthy certificate to prove that the car is safe to drive on roads. And for that, tyres in South Geelong or the suburb where you reside have to be in proper condition at any given point of time.

You can easily follow some tyre care tips to make sure that your car’s tyres are in proper condition. You can include tyres service in your logbook service in South Geelong for the remainder of its regular maintenance. Don’t forget to choose a quality mechanic for servicing your tyres as it will ensure their proper maintenance.

It is a known fact that we only look for tyre services when there is an emergency such as a flat tyre or damage one. But what if you can simply avoid such a situation from happening. The tyre is made to withstand harsh conditions but it also needs some maintenance at certain intervals. The following tips will help you to avoid any emergency tyre repair services.

  1. Keep A Check on Inflation Pressure

For every car, manufacturers recommend a specific tyre inflation pressure level. This recommended pressure level is best for a car as it gives the best performance. So as a car owner, you need to keep an eye on this pressure level and maintain it as per the recommendation. In any case, if the tyre inflation is high, then the chances of a tyre burst increase. Also, if the tyre pressure is low, then it becomes vulnerable to a flat tyre which can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

A tyre is designed in a way that it can resist any potential punctures. Also, a tyre with less inflation pressure is less resistant to punctures. In a nutshell, it is better to maintain the recommended inflation pressure rather than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

  1. Keep Checking for Damages

It is difficult to spot any damages in tyres until you pay close attention. Tyres do get damaged during minor as well as major accidents. During your normal car repairs in South Geelong, you might forget to take note of any damage to your car tyres. However, any damage can be fatal and can cause trouble while driving your car on a road.

Also, with damages in tyres, the fuel economy of the car lowers, causing it to consume more fuel. The car performance lowers due to this. If the damage is ignored for a long time, then it can escalate and things can go seriously wrong while driving. To avoid such a situation from happening, you need to give more emphasis on tyre service. This way you can safeguard yourself from any potential accident or breakdown.

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  1. Tyre Balancing

For smooth functioning, all four tyres need to be balanced in the same plane to offer the best performance. A lack of balance can destabilize the car balance. It can result in vibrations which can affect your car control on road. Also, these vibrations can loosen up suspension bearings and can cause serious damage to the steering system as well.

So, whenever you replace your car tyres in South Geelong, make sure that you ask the mechanic to restore the wheel balance. Take a note of these signs when for an unbalanced wheel situation:

  • Vibration while driving
  • Uneven and rapid tread wear
  • More stress while steering on the front-end parts
  1. Tyre Tread

Always keep a cautious look for tread wear and tear on your tyres. A diminishing or worn-out tyre tread is an indicator of getting a new set of tyres. In Australia, the government has already set a legal limit for tyre tread. If this tread limit is not met, then the car is booked as unsafe for driving on the roads.

A car with worn-out tyre treads reduces the friction between the tyres and the road, thus making the car dangerous for driving. The car can go out of control while driving at high speeds. So, never ignore the depletion of the tyre tread, and if it seems like you are not getting proper control, then get your car tyre replaced.

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Final Thoughts

Car is important for our daily commute, and therefore, the smooth daily ride car tyres must be in excellent condition. If your car tyres require any repair work or replacement, then immediately get them fixed by an experienced mechanic. Don’t delay it a bit as avoiding it might cost you more in the future.

7 Car Gadgets That Every Woman Should Have for Her Comfy Driving

Car Gadgets for women

The misconception of terming women as ‘Bad Drivers’ is there for ages not only in Australia but across the globe. Let me burst this bubble: Studies say that women are less likely to overtake and think twice, also they rule the road by obeying the traffic rules. This directly means women are safe drivers than men.

However, all drivers need comfy driving. So here, we’ve rounded up these 7 car gadgets that every woman should have for her comfortable driving.

  1. Phone Holder

While driving, accessing maps, tuning to music, or checking emails can be troubling. None of you would like to get crashed with an accident and then later find a mechanic in Bentleigh East or the place you live in Australia. In the same line, precaution is better than cure, and therefore, phone holders fixed on your car’s dashboard, allow you to perform the task hassle-free.

However, car holders are well-known for their durability, superior strength, adjustable bottom, and compact size. You just need to attach to any horizontal vents, and you’re ready to slay on the road.

  1. Car Trunk Organizer

This is for those women whose trunk has already been filled with their kinds of stuff. Whether you want to head for a long journey with your girl gang or go out grocery shopping, this organizer will come in handy. Such organizers are dense yet spacious to keep your belongings.

The best part of it is you can use them whenever you’re in dire need of storage. In simple meaning, you can even fold down for easy storage when not in use. That’s exactly one of the reasons that this is a perfect car gadget for women.

  1. Handbag Holder

No woman will want to take an eye off the road while driving. However, it can be hard to focus when your children are begging for snacks, and at the same time, your phone starts ringing. While digging in for snacks and phone together, the bumper ahead can spread snacks around the seats. Here comes a savior, handbag holder, which makes your driving experience better.

Not only the handbags, you can even hang there your jacket, plastic grocery bag, water container, and many more. It’s the best thing you can have for your comfortable driving.

  1. Digital Tire Inflator

Not all women must be aware of how to change flat tires as, generally, their husbands or boyfriends take care of such kinds of stuff. Do you agree? But here is one gadget to make you independent in this sector too – the digital tire inflator. With this, you no more need to call your car service provider in Bentleigh East or the region where you live when your tires deflate.

Furthermore, this digital tire inflator is required to plug into your car outlet and inflate your tires. Additionally, it also helps in inflating air mattresses, balls, balloons, and many more.

Driving a car during periods can make you go crazy. A lot of mood swings, along with the road traffic; even the imagination would make you lose your temper. However, when you’ll have a comfy memory foam chair cushion, your butt and back will thank you later. With this, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a couch and driving.

  1. Chair Cushion

It will relieve you from back pain and some pressure from sitting. However, the cover of the cushion is removable, so you can anytime remove and wash them. There’s no need to take a drive to a car repair shop in Bentleigh East and ask assistance from the same.

  1. Car Windshield Sunshade

While driving, the sunlight enters through the windows onto your steering wheel, making your soft and fair hands burn. No matter how much UV protection cream you apply onto your hands, you will still need a shield against the sun. And nothing can beat the car windshield sunshade; it keeps the sun off your dash.

Further, it is super easy to use; you don’t need to rush to your mechanic in Bentleigh East for help. You simply need to open and put it on your car windows. Also, it comes in several sizes with a money-back guarantee.

  1. Safety Girl Kit

Regardless of gender, the car emergency kit assists everyone at the time of emergency. It doesn’t matter how safe driving you do, it’s always wise to keep a safety kit with yourself. It generally includes bandages, painkillers, and Soframycin. Additionally, you can also give a place to sanitary pads, deodorant, chewing gum, or a chocolate bar.

It will provide you fast assistance and peace of mind at the time of any emergency. Keeping a medical kit can also save other’s lives.

This International Women’s Day…

All the women should reflect on the progress that they have made until now. As people around the world would celebrate International Women’s Day this March 8, we would suggest buying these car gadgets and celebrate your achievements. Also, choose to challenge the people who still have a myth that women are bad drivers. So, women and girls, let’s fight the good fight and make this year count.