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7 Car Gadgets That Every Woman Should Have for Her Comfy Driving

Car Gadgets for women

The misconception of terming women as ‘Bad Drivers’ is there for ages not only in Australia but across the globe. Let me burst this bubble: Studies say that women are less likely to overtake and think twice, also they rule the road by obeying the traffic rules. This directly means women are safe drivers than men.

However, all drivers need comfy driving. So here, we’ve rounded up these 7 car gadgets that every woman should have for her comfortable driving.

  1. Phone Holder

While driving, accessing maps, tuning to music, or checking emails can be troubling. None of you would like to get crashed with an accident and then later find a mechanic in Bentleigh East or the place you live in Australia. In the same line, precaution is better than cure, and therefore, phone holders fixed on your car’s dashboard, allow you to perform the task hassle-free.

However, car holders are well-known for their durability, superior strength, adjustable bottom, and compact size. You just need to attach to any horizontal vents, and you’re ready to slay on the road.

  1. Car Trunk Organizer

This is for those women whose trunk has already been filled with their kinds of stuff. Whether you want to head for a long journey with your girl gang or go out grocery shopping, this organizer will come in handy. Such organizers are dense yet spacious to keep your belongings.

The best part of it is you can use them whenever you’re in dire need of storage. In simple meaning, you can even fold down for easy storage when not in use. That’s exactly one of the reasons that this is a perfect car gadget for women.

  1. Handbag Holder

No woman will want to take an eye off the road while driving. However, it can be hard to focus when your children are begging for snacks, and at the same time, your phone starts ringing. While digging in for snacks and phone together, the bumper ahead can spread snacks around the seats. Here comes a savior, handbag holder, which makes your driving experience better.

Not only the handbags, you can even hang there your jacket, plastic grocery bag, water container, and many more. It’s the best thing you can have for your comfortable driving.

  1. Digital Tire Inflator

Not all women must be aware of how to change flat tires as, generally, their husbands or boyfriends take care of such kinds of stuff. Do you agree? But here is one gadget to make you independent in this sector too – the digital tire inflator. With this, you no more need to call your car service provider in Bentleigh East or the region where you live when your tires deflate.

Furthermore, this digital tire inflator is required to plug into your car outlet and inflate your tires. Additionally, it also helps in inflating air mattresses, balls, balloons, and many more.

Driving a car during periods can make you go crazy. A lot of mood swings, along with the road traffic; even the imagination would make you lose your temper. However, when you’ll have a comfy memory foam chair cushion, your butt and back will thank you later. With this, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a couch and driving.

  1. Chair Cushion

It will relieve you from back pain and some pressure from sitting. However, the cover of the cushion is removable, so you can anytime remove and wash them. There’s no need to take a drive to a car repair shop in Bentleigh East and ask assistance from the same.

  1. Car Windshield Sunshade

While driving, the sunlight enters through the windows onto your steering wheel, making your soft and fair hands burn. No matter how much UV protection cream you apply onto your hands, you will still need a shield against the sun. And nothing can beat the car windshield sunshade; it keeps the sun off your dash.

Further, it is super easy to use; you don’t need to rush to your mechanic in Bentleigh East for help. You simply need to open and put it on your car windows. Also, it comes in several sizes with a money-back guarantee.

  1. Safety Girl Kit

Regardless of gender, the car emergency kit assists everyone at the time of emergency. It doesn’t matter how safe driving you do, it’s always wise to keep a safety kit with yourself. It generally includes bandages, painkillers, and Soframycin. Additionally, you can also give a place to sanitary pads, deodorant, chewing gum, or a chocolate bar.

It will provide you fast assistance and peace of mind at the time of any emergency. Keeping a medical kit can also save other’s lives.

This International Women’s Day…

All the women should reflect on the progress that they have made until now. As people around the world would celebrate International Women’s Day this March 8, we would suggest buying these car gadgets and celebrate your achievements. Also, choose to challenge the people who still have a myth that women are bad drivers. So, women and girls, let’s fight the good fight and make this year count.

Pros and Cons of Luxury Cars

Sell Car to Dealer

When purchasing a car, you have two options essentially: buy an average car, which can take you from one place to another, or opt for a luxury brand with everything that comes with a higher-quality vehicle. If you’re considering a luxury car for your next vehicle but are on the fence, here are a few pros and cons of owning a luxury car. 


  • Better performance

Luxury cars are expensive, but when it comes to engine performance and body design, they stand out from average cars. Performance, along with comfort, are two big reasons many people choose to spend the extra money.

With a luxury car, speed is not the only thing you will get, but you’ll also have a smooth ride and a vehicle which is easy to handle. Plus, if you’re interested in your car’s looks, then you’ll surely find love in any number of luxury car models.

  • More safety features

Most of luxury cars on the market have a full complement of airbags along with traditional safety technology. Nowadays, luxury vehicles come with reliable ABS, traction control, side-front airbags and more. You can drive with confidence, knowing you have purchased a car that has plenty of safety features to look after you and your passengers in an accident.

  • Consistent quality

Luxury car brands are based on a history of providing high-quality drives and experiences that have satisfied generations of customers. When you choose a luxury car, you’re going to get your money’s worth.

  • Available Technologies

New luxury car makes and models are designed with innovative technology which extends beyond simply automotive capabilities. These cars are integrated with countless amenities, safety features and driver-assistant features that set the bar for other manufacturers to aspire to. From displays to interactive voice and gesture control, luxury cars have technologies that are yet to become available elsewhere in the automobile industry.

  • Prestige

When you choose a luxury car, like a Porsche, AUDI, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Lamborghini, you’re not just buying a car. You’re buying a brand. Your car comes with innate “wow” factor. Heads will turn as you drive past.

luxury cars


  • More expensive

The cost of the luxury car is more than an average car. You’re paying for a luxurious exterior, horsepower and speed, leather interior, and a high-quality sound system, if not more. Moreover, even a used luxury car is likely to be more than double that of a standard car. 

Prices also depending on the make and model of the car. Make sure you do some research on your chosen vehicle before buying to ensure you get what you want out of your car without throwing away money.  

  • High insurance costs

To protect your car and yourself, you need insurance, and it can cost you a lot. You’ll also need to budget for registering your car.These costs will depend on the value and the size of your car. If you’ve got a more expensive vehicle, it will cost you more in insurance and registration than compared to cheaper car. 

  • Higher maintenance and repair costs

You can’t deny that a luxury car is going to cost you a pretty penny. Even if you find a good deal, it will cost you more than any cheaper car. You need to prepare yourself to not only pay for the luxury car but also for its higher maintenance and repair costs. You’ll have to ensure that you’re ready to handle the financial responsibilities of your expensive car before you buy.

Ensure you use a mechanic or service center that understands the intricacies and needs of your luxury car to avoid damaging it.

  • Selling is tough

If you intend to sell your car to a dealer someday, you may find it a different experience to selling other cars. First, you need to consider your car’s value. Some luxury cars lose value quickly, while others retain their value better. Be prepared to sell your car for a lot less than you bought it for. 

  • More technical problems

When you buy anything, there is always a chance of technical or mechanical problems. The same applies for luxury cars. Some technical problems are so severe that companies have had to recall certain models to replace parts.

For example, in 2013, BMW had to recall a number of models to deal with an electrical issue. Other luxury brands like Audi and Volkswagen have had similar electrical problems. It’s important to be aware of any potential problems before you buy, so do your research.


Owning a luxury car can change your life, but it’s not for everyone. A big purchase deserves careful consideration. You need to think about your lifestyle and your wallet.

Signs You Need Brake Repairs

car service

Has your car ever made a strange noise when you’ve pressed the brake? This is just one of the signs that your car may need its brakes repair or replace. Your car’s brakes experience a lot of wear and tear with each drive. However, different factors like the type of roads you drive on, how you drive, the type of vehicle you have, and how hard and often you brake all affect how regularly the brakes may need replacing or repair work. It’s best to look out for these signs to make sure your brakes don’t fail when you need them most.

Brake warning light

If your brake warning light turns on, this is a serious sign that something is wrong. It could mean your brake fluid is leaking, a speed sensor is faulty or the brake pads need replacing. Don’t ignore this sign and take your car in for a service immediately.

The brake warning light usually looks like an exclamation mark inside a circle, with two curved lines on either side. It may even say ‘brake’ over the top. Different cars may use different symbols, however, so check your car’s manual to be sure.

Squealing or grinding sound

While it can be normal to hear a little bit of squealing from your brakes, you shouldn’t hear it regularly. Loud screeching can mean that your brake pads need to be replaced. This is because the brake pads have worn thin and the metal of the brake pad is pressing against the rotors and discs.

If you don’t get your brake pads replace, the squealing may turn into a grinding sound, like metal scraping against metal. This happens when there is no more protective layer around the brake pads. With the metal of the brake pads fully rubbing against the metal of the brake discs, the brake discs can easily become damaged.

It’s best to get your brake pads replaced before the squealing sound turns into a grinding sound.

Clicking noise

You may not hear a squealing or grinding sound, but a clicking noise instead. It can mean a problem with the brake pads, callipers or backing plates.

The brake pads are secured against the brake calliper. If the brake pads come loose, they can move up and down when the brake is used. This can be behind any clicking noises you hear when you drive slowly or brake when driving slowly.

Alternatively, it may be the calliper that has come loose.

Another cause may be a bent backing plate. These protect the brake from damage, but they can be bent inwards. If this happens, it can rub against the rotor or calliper causing a clicking noise.


If you notice odd vibrations when braking, this can be caused by uneven rotors or worn brake pads.

When you apply the brakes, the brake pads press against the rotors, which slows down your car. However, if the rotors are not smooth and the same thickness across, the brake pad will not press against the rotor as effectively. This can give you a wobbly sensation or vibration when you brake.

However, if it feels like your brake pedal is vibrating or you’re having difficulty stopping your car, this is a sign that your brake pad has worn out. Get this fixed as soon as possible.

Brake fluid leak

If you see a small yellow-brown puddle under your car, particularly near a wheel, this can mean your car is leaking brake fluid. Brake fluid leaves a slippery residue on your skin if you touch it.

Brake fluid is crucial to your overall brake system working. Without it you may not be able to stop your car. Get this problem fixed immediately.

You may not always see this leak though.

Spongy or soft brakes

A brake fluid leak might not be visible, but you can also spot it if your brake pedal feels ‘soft’ (this is when it sinks all the way to the floor when you press down). There should be some resistance when you use the brakes.

A soft brake can also mean that there is air or moisture in the braking system. There may also be a problem with master cylinder.

Hard brakes

You may find that your brake is unusually hard to press, however. There may be a problem with the brake fluid, like it has becoming sludgy and contaminated. You may need to drain the reservoir and replace the brake fluid so that the brake system can move smoothly.

Car pulling to one side

It can be scary to feel your car pulling to one direction when you brake. There are typically two causes for this. It may be that a brake hose has gone bad or one calliper is applying more pressure than the others when you’re braking, which makes your car unbalanced. It’s a bit like if you were being pulled from either side by someone, but the person on your left side pulled harder. You would be more likely go to the left.

Burning smell

If you smell a strong chemical burning smell, particularly after repeatedly braking hard on a steep road, stop your car immediately. You need to give your brakes time to cool, otherwise the brake fluid may boil leading to brake failure. Check that you haven’t left the parking brake on either.

You may also see smoke coming from one of the wheels. If you do, it may not be safe to continue driving your car. Smoke can be an indicator of a stuck brake calliper. This too can cause a complete brake failure. Call for a mechanic immediately and ensure these 5 parts to include in a Brake Service!

Brake Repair

How often should you change your brake pads? 

Many of the signs above are indicators that your brake pads need replacing or fixing. While there aren’t any strict guidelines for when you need to change them, they should be checked every 16,000 km or so. The regularity will depend how you drive, the kinds of roads you drive on and how you use the brakes though. Check your car’s owner manual as well. They may advise a different time period.

If you need to replace your brake discs, replace the brake pads at the same time.

How to make your brakes last longer?

  • Driving style: Reduce your speed before intersections or traffic lights so you do not need to brake as quickly or heavily.
  • Brake quality: Some brake pads are of a better quality and will last longer.
  • Environment: Where possible, avoid driving on roads that require a lot of braking, for instance, urban roads with lots of traffic lights. If possible, use motorways or highways.


If you notice any of the above signs, it can mean you need to see a car mechanic. Even small problems, when left alone, can become expensive. Remember when you have your car serviced to mention any brake issues you are having.