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Wood Vs Composite Decking: Why Composite Material is a Popular Choice?

Composite decking

Whether you add wood or trex decking as an individual outdoor structure or as an extension of your actual home, the longevity of the deck depends on the material you have chosen.Many think that the only material you can use for a deck is wood. But Ekodeck thinks otherwise. Because there are many other materials like PVC that you can use to increase the sturdiness of a deck.

We agree that wood is timeless and elegant,but at the same time, it has its downsides in terms of longevity. A deck constructed with wood can last up to 10 – 30 years, but a deck built with composite wood can give you service up to 50 years. If you are thinking of a deck to have a longer life, then composite decking is a better option.

But why exactly the composite material became famous among people? What are the unique qualities that made it so different from the wooden decks? Let’s find out:

What is a composite material?

The composite material is a blend of many materials like plastic, wood fibres, and recycled plastic. It’s not quite natural as that of raw wood but you will have endless choices in terms of colours, designs, and textures.

You can select the kind that’s more compatible with your home architecture. Whether your house has light-theme or dark-colored walls, you can have a deck that complements your house.

Why it’s a popular choice:

  1. It requires low-maintenance

As composite deck boards are a mixture of natural and artificial materials, the surface area tends to be tough. It means that you don’t have to paint, seal, or apply various liquids to increase the sturdiness. You don’t have to enhance the color by polishing or sanding the floorboards.

Decks are already available in your favorite color and pattern, and there’s no need to upgrade them. Even cleaning is easy. Just sweep the floor to remove the visible dirt and mop the area once in a while to remove stuck up stains and marks. Or once in a month, wash the deck with a garden hose and it will be sparkling new.

Also, composite material shows a great resistance towards the natural elements. Whether it’s a heavy downpour, scorching heat, or freezing snow – composite is adverse to all these effects.

  1. A wide range of choices

Natural wooden boards for decking means you have limited choice in colors and patterns. You will only have either dark or light shades of wood. However, in composite material, as it’s made of artificial elements, you will have a wide range of options in colors and surface designs. You will also have customization options to match your home architecture. All you need to do is to find the best composite decking company in Australia.

  1. Environment-friendly

Composite boards are made of recycled materials, which means, you are using environment-friendly products. Even though composite materials are made of plastic, there’s no harm to Mother Nature as it can be recycled and used again. All the plastic waste can be collected, refined and is recycled to use in the form of composite material.

  1. Suitable to your family

Family get-togethers are more fun on the composite deck. The surface is smooth without splinters pointing upwards. You can walk barefoot and your kids can play without harming themselves. There is no expansion and contraction of the deck boards even though the seasons change. You can even have small parties and get together of your friends without having to fear that they will harm themselves. Also, as the surfaces are slip-resistant, you don’t have to walk too carefully. Have a look at Is Composite Decking Eco-Friendly?

  1. More sustainable

We already discussed how composite material is weather-resistant, thus making it more sustainable. It makes your decking more durable, and hence you and your descending generations can enjoy its presence without spending too much money on maintenance.

  1. No pest infestation

One major advantage of having artificial materials within the composite surface is there is no nuisance of pest infestation. Unlike in natural wooden surfaces where termites and other pests can easily develop, composite surfaces are resistant to it. As there is no absorption of moisture, mould and other fungi can’t develop, and hence there’s no question of pests and termites.

  1. Uniform deck color

The composite decking material is made from the batches of the recycled material, so the boards will almost be in the same color. There is no mismatch of the tiles and the boards appear in uniform in color, hence the composite deck appears even.

Make a Better Choice

Whether you buy wooden or composite material for decking, both are better options when you choose the high-quality ones. For a natural and timeless look, opt for wooden decking, whereas, if you are looking for longevity, aesthetics, low-maintenance options, then composite scores the point. Whatever you choose, make sure to read the various composite decking reviews and price of your fellow customers and then proceed with the purchase.