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Benefits of truck-mounted cranes over all-terrain cranes

Benefits of truck-mounted cranes

A construction site is incomplete without cranes. This perfectly engineered piece of machinery provides power, strength, and mobility to every construction project. Cranes are one of the more important assets in any construction project. Without them development becomes stagnant.

The big construction companies generally own their fleet of cranes. But, for small and budding companies, crane hire is the best option. Recently, there has been a shift of preference. Cranes and truck-mounted cranes are preferred over all-terrain cranes.

The reason for this is mobility. It can save a lot of time as they can be transported easily. Here are the basic differences between the two.

Difference between truck-mounted and all-terrain cranes

  • Truck-mounted Cranes: These cranes have a single-engine mechanism, where everything is powered using the same engine. It can easily sit on the back of the truck but they are separate pieces. The whole setup gives it agility without compromising on power.
  • All-terrain Cranes: Unlike truck-mounted cranes, these cranes have separate engines for powering the vehicle and its crane mechanism. During its construction, the crane and its chassis are built together. This crane can run on all terrain but are heavy and bulkier.

The best type of crane for your project will depend on the factors such as time of construction and budget. To help you make your decision, here are some of the benefits of using truck-mounted cranes:

Can do many of the jobs that all-terrain cranes can but cheaper

Any truck-mounted crane can perform all the tasks that normal all-terrain cranes can do. But the main difference between them is its building cost. Typical all-terrain cranes are built using many components on a single chassis. On the other hand, a truck-mounted crane is two separate entities, i.e., a truck and a crane combined to serve the same purpose. Thus, they are cheaper to make, and as a result they are a more affordable option.

Comes in a range of sizes

All the companies that are into building truck-mounted cranes have innovatively invented cranes of different sizes. Yes, they are not limited to just minimal payload lifting jobs. They are more advanced and are available in different sizes. Despite this, mobility is still a feature of these cranes. This provides its buyer with different options to choose from. Also, it helps those small construction companies who require cranes of different capacities.

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Easier to drive than an all-terrain crane

Cranes are considered as one of the most difficult vehicles to drive around. When you talk about all-terrain cranes, they are so heavily built that they can’t be driven on normal roads. But truck-mounted cranes with their easy build-up can move around comfortably. You don’t have to worry about driving it, as they can be driven on all roads. Unlike other cranes which have to be specially transported and assembled at the worksite.

Lower running costs than an all-terrain crane

One of the great benefits offered by a truck-mounted crane is that you can save a good amount on time and costs. This is because they are unlike traditional cranes that have to be built from scratch. This adds to the labor cost and unwanted time consumption. A truck-mounted crane is ready to be used without much pre-operation setting. It needs less repair as compared to the all-terrain crane, thus, decreasing its running cost.

Complete jobs quicker than an all-terrain crane

Truck-mounted cranes are lighter and perform like all-terrain cranes. They don’t require any assembly and once they reach the site and they can immediately get to work. All these attributes enable it to perform a task faster.

Can be driven on public roads

One of the most well-known advantages to using a crane is the amount of time and money that you save. Their mobility is a huge advantage as they can run on all roads hassle-free. Other cranes need additional transportation support to reach their destination. But truck-mounted cranes reach their destination by themselves. Thus, saving a lot of time and money which can better be utilized in other expenses.

Final thoughts:

A truck-mounted crane can offer a bunch of benefits when compared to all-terrain cranes. They are mightier, faster, and easier to set up. They also save a considerable amount of cost and time. While selecting a crane hire company, consider truck-mounted cranes and see if they fit your project.