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How to Choose Healing Crystals that are Right for You?

Crystals for sale

With more stores advertising crystals for sale, it can be tempting to make a purchase. However, healing crystals should be bought with care in order to gain the most from their powers. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for you to make sure you pick exactly the right crystals for you.

Common Healing Crystals:

To get you started, it’s important to understand the properties of the common healing crystals you’ll see available.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz will help you find clarity in your life. It can be useful for dealing with situations you find confusing or are uncertain about.

It’s believed that this crystal absorbs and stores positive energy, before releasing it when used correctly. As a result, some practitioners believe it can help your immune system and maintain a balance within your body.

Rose quartz

Even if you’re not already familiar with crystals, you may have heard that rose quartz is associated with love. For many, this crystal’s pink color is symbolic of the power it can help you have over relationships, including romantic partners and friends.

This crystal is believed to improve relationships by bringing peace to important connections in your life, as well as restoring trust between the two parties. If you value your close relationships, rose quartz can be a good way to care for them.


Jasper is said to empower your spirit, helping you get through difficult times and situations. It’s thought this stone will absorb any negative energy around you, leaving you free to be your brave, witty and confident self.

If you’re embarking on a big change, having some jasper with you can help you make good decisions and keep you feeling positive.


If you feel regularly overwhelmed by negative energy, obsidian is the right crystal. Known for its protective powers, obsidian will help you see past negative feelings to the heart of an issue. With this added clarity, you may find yourself feeling more compassionate and stronger in situations that have previously upset you.

Some practitioners also believe obsidian is helpful for detoxing the body, as well as reducing pain, including cramps and indigestion.


If you’re going through a rough or dark patch, citrine may help you find enthusiasm and light in your life. This stone is thought to help restore, joy, happiness, creativity, and concentration in all aspects of your life.

It can also help regulate negative emotions like fear and anxiety. Without these feelings influencing your thoughts and actions, you may find yourself more motivated and thinking more clearly.


Turquoise crystal

Instantly recognizable for its bright blue color, turquoise doesn’t just make stunning jewelry. This stone is also prized for its healing abilities, be it mind, body or soul. Turquoise is said to create a balance between these three aspects of yourself so that you can achieve spiritual grounding.

Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye stone

When you’re looking to make important decisions about your career, you need some tiger’s eye with you. This stone can reduce feelings of fear, anxiety and self-doubt. At the same time, you may feel more balanced within yourself and be able to view the situation with a clearer eye.


If sleep is eluding you, amethyst might be the answer. Thought to help with insomnia, as well as healing and purifying your soul, amethyst is a popular crystal for many practitioners. As the stone calms you and removes negative energy, you may find yourself getting more regular and restful sleep.

Additionally, amethyst is said to promote sincerity, wisdom and humility.



When embarking on a new chapter of your life, take some moonstone with you. This stone is said to reduce the initial fear and stress that comes with new beginnings and prepares you to move forward. It’s also said to bring good fortune.


Prized by many crystal healers, bloodstone is believed to cleanse the blood and improve circulation throughout the body.

On a spiritual level, you may find bloodstone helps calm you whenever you feel irritated or impatient.


Thought to bring prosperity, wisdom and happiness, sapphire is a favorite for many crystal practitioners. Like amethyst, it can help with insomnia, as well as depression and anxiety.


This deep red stone is said to help restore a person’s energy levels, along with improving their circulatory system. It can also be a good choice if you want to get in touch with your natural intelligence and sensuality.

Choosing the right crystal:

Now that you’ve been introduced to the crystals you’ll likely come across, you can learn how to pick the right ones for you.

  • Think about what you want to change in your life

Do some deep thinking and self-reflection to identify areas in your life where you feel a gap or would like to improve. Match these wants or needs to the powers of different crystals. For instance, if you’re looking for a soul mate, rose quartz may help.

Remember, you may need more than one for your intentions. For example, you may also want to advance your career, along with finding a romantic partner. Therefore, you might want to purchase both rose quartz and tiger’s eye.

  • Pick a stone that speaks to you

Once you know which stones you’re interested in, visit a physical store. While you can purchase stones on the internet, it can be helpful the first few times to meet the stones in person.

Watch out for signs that the stones are connecting with or calling out to you. Your eye may be drawn to them or you may even feel a little spark or tug when you hold them in your hand. These are positive signs that you and the stones will work well together.

Change your life with crystals!

Crystals can be powerful forces for good in your life, while looking aesthetically pleasing. Start to decorate with crystals in your home and even at the office to get a sense of their power. You can even meditate with them. Treat them kindly and they will return the favor tenfold.