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Don’t Ignore These Signs That You Need an Electrician

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Electricity issues become problematic if not addressed quickly. While you may prefer to do the majority of your home repairs and maintenance, as it can be more cost effective, it’s not always the best choice for electrics. If you don’t have the right knowledge, you can seriously injure yourself. When it comes to fixing your home’s electrical issues, it’s better to observe the problem and call in an expert.

Electrical issues can be complicated, so let’s see when you need to call a professional electrician.

Blown fuses

Fuses should not be frequently resetting. If you feel like you are constantly having to check your fuse box, this is a sign to call an electrician. Extreme heat could cause power outages. And, if there are two appliances running on the same circuit, it can cause issues.

Flickering lights

Many times, a flickering in light is an indication that the bulb just needs replacing. However, if it is frequent, it could be sign of bad wiring. Unless you have a dimmer switch in use, bulb light should remain consistent. Flickering of lights could be the result of an overtaxed power grid.

Lights that are dimming or becoming brighter after some time could have electrical issues. These issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. Make observations on when your lights flash and have an expert come check out the problem.

Old home

Electricity has changed much over recent decades. That’s why older houses may not have the most effective or safe electrical wiring. If you’re living in an old home, it is possible you may be dealing with a number of major electricity issues.

For instance, wires may be frayed or compromised. Older systems also may not effectively power all modern electric devices. While you may not be presently experience issues, it is still recommended to call a professional to inspect and upgrade the system.

Electricity bill keeps increasing

It’s not strange to see your electric bill rise when using air conditioning during the hotter summer months. A high bill on a summer day is normal, however a high bill when power usage habits have not changed much could be an indication of a problem.

If your power bill is increasing over a long period, such as more three months than more, you may need to call an expert. Wires in your home may not be working as effectively as they should or an appliance may be draining the power.

Outlets and switches are warm to touch

If your switches or outlets feel warm to touch when they are turned on, it could mean overheating is occurring. This is a serious issue as overheating can lead to sparking and electrical fires. They may be overheating as a result of poor wiring or an overloaded circuit. Get a professional to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Look at your switches outlets for any discoloration to double check. This is a sign that sparking has already occurred. It’s extremely important you get an expert to check your home’s wiring as soon as possible.

Burning smell

If you cannot find any discoloration on switches and outlets, this does not necessarily mean there are no issues. You may instead smell burning. If you smell burning when using a powered device, turn off the power in the house immediately. This is a precautionary step to avoid damage to yourself and the home.

Burning smells are often caused by electric fires, so trace them to their source. They may be coming from the fuse box or and electrical outlet. Then call a professional to address the situation.

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Tripped circuit breaker

If power regularly goes out in your home, there may be an issue with your fuse box. Faulty circuits are the most common reason for this problem. However, it could be a result of an overloaded circuit also. To prevent damage to your home and wiring, the circuit breaker will be tripped and the power shut off.

So if the circuit breaker in your home regularly trips when you use a certain appliance or switch, call a professional to address the problem. This is not a DIY job.

Buzzing sound

There are may reasons why you may hear buzzing when you use electrical devices. It can be difficult, however, to work out exactly what the problem is unless you’re an expert.

Sometimes the sound may be loose screw terminals or it could be a wiring issue. Whatever it is, it is best left to the experts to determine and fix the problem. It’s best to leave the job of fixing electrical issues to the experts. Look out for any of the signs above so you can avoid damaging your home or causing injury to yourself.