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Why Energy Efficiency and Certification is Needed in Commercial Buildings?

energy efficiency in commercial building

Are you planning to buy any non-residential or commercial building? Well, before buying, do you know what is energy efficiency rating or energy star labeling or BCA Section J report? If you don’t you must have to investigate at first.

While buying a new building, the energy assessment and its sustainable design advice is must to take for better cost-effective solutions in future. If your building’s energy setup is not according to the country’s current regulations and BCA (Building Code of Australia), you will face problems in future and left with spending extra money to make your building at least six stars energy labelled. You may will be fined for not following the government building code set up especially for energy efficiency and current regulation.

In Australia, Basix Report, Section J Report are one of those important energy efficiency provisions that set up for different class buildings before getting construction permit. It approaches to gain compliance and satisfy state and local regulations. But you might think why this energy efficiency is needed in every building or government made it mandatory regulation in building code? Here is the answer:

Energy efficiency means to use energy without comprising its quality. For saving environment and for sources, energy efficiency become need for every country. That is because most of the developed countries made it mandatory in their building code so that country could save their energy resources. 

energy efficiency

Need of Energy Efficiency:

  • Keep your bills low

Energy costs are frequently considered as a fixed expense of possessing a home or business. You can undoubtedly lessen your energy bills through energy efficiency practices. Buying a building that is accredited with all energy efficient regulations and has 6 star energy rating will really help you to keep your bills less.

  • Increase property value

In the real estate market, energy efficient buildings often sell at a greater. Each undertaking that builds your building’s energy proficiency adds a small amount of its expense to the last selling cost.Building with certification from trustworthy companies will always help you to increase property value. As everyone is interested to buy a property which offer reduced energy bills and saves your money, dealing in energy efficient building is really worthy.

  • Protect the environment

By saving energy, one is obviously saving the environment. Energy efficiency is great way to reduce carbon footprints. And, by significantly reducing the contribution of emissions, one can save the environment. So, government made it mandatory to limit the energy use or consumption at some extent. That’s why today every building whether it is residential or non-residential, following the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

  • Good investment and return

Energy efficient buildings are a good investment that gives you great return. As above said, it increases the property values by diminishing the electricity bills. So if you have a commercial building with space of office set-ups, one more buyers or renters will be interested in your space. It means a good return on your investment. On the other hand, if your building is not certified with energy ratings, obviously the space buyers or renters will face big energy bills and no one is interested to pay big bills.

  • Following energy regulation is mandatory

Well. If you are living in Australia, it is mandatory to follow building code and energy regulations. If you do not follow the rules and regulations, you will be fined. So, before buying any building or space, must talk with consultants about the energy efficiency certification or energy star ratings of specific building. If that space is not qualified by your consultant do not spend your money on such deal. Many private companies even offer Section J Report for class 3 to 9 for your assurance.  The report is eventually provided before a construction permit or certificate.

  • Protect yourself from rising electricity prices

When a country’s economy grows, the difference in prices in everything is first thing one handle. The prices rise so the electricity prices also rise. But if your building or construction project is already having certification that gives energy efficiency, allow you to protect yourself from such rising prices. No matter, how much prices will rise, your bills will be in limit and thus you can save your money.

Hopefully, now you have understood why energy efficiency and certification is needed in commercial buildings. So, from the next time when you go for your deal, first consult and make sure about the right energy certification.