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5 Awesome Bucks Party Ideas to Surprise the Groom!

Bucks Day Ideas Melbourne

For any person in the world, getting married is a big life event. You have to completely transition your life to strike that perfect balance. Now, for a man getting married is somewhat taking a huge step. A man has to leave all his freedom behind to start a beautiful journey called marriage. Before this journey starts, all men love to have that one last party with their best mates.

Now, as the best man, you have to make sure that your friend’s bucks party turns out to be the most memorable moment of his life. Let’s be honest, planning a buck’s party is both honor and responsibility. You have to be the best planner you could be to deliver the groom’s biggest night.

As first-timer, it can be tough for you to plan bucks party for your friend. To simplify your mission, we have listed out some of the best alternative bucks party ideas, which the groom and your gang will enjoy. The following bucks party ideas in Melbourne will form a lasting impression in the minds of all the attendees.

  1. Skirmish or Paintball

We men love to indulge ourselves in the high-octane activities which drain out your energy to its limit. Skirmish or Paintball battles are becoming one of the most sorts after buck’s party activity. You just need a group of friends for the starter and head to your local paintball range. Paintball shots hurt and we guys can love to throw some brownie points our mates.

The concept is simple, you’ll be divided into two teams and you have to accomplish a certain set of objectives to win the game.  There are different games such as capturing the flag, rescuing a hostage from the enemy line, protecting your base, etc. This fun activity is something that your groom to be will love. So, try it out yourself. You can also add beer vouchers for the winning team.

  1. Deep-Sea Fishing Charters
Deep-Sea Fishing

Wandering in the ocean is one of the most relaxing experience one can have. Everyone likes and has experienced fishing charters for fishing expeditions. A deep-sea fishing charter is an altogether different experience than any average fishing experience in some local lake. In this fishing charter, you are taken to the places where normal boats can’t reach.

It gives your group to explore the unknown have some fun time. These charters target the water where you can do fishing for bigger and more aggressive fish. Your buck will have a great time with the combination of friends, fishing and the deep sea. Don’t forget to pack some sea sickness pills just in case someone needs.

  1. Sky Diving
Sky Diving

If your entire group is a bunch of adrenal in junkies, then adding a sky diving activity is an ideal buck party one could imagine. Making this happens requires a little planning from your end, but it’s worth your time. You can easily buy an experience voucher from a certified service provider, who will guide you throughout the process.

Bucks party needs to be a memorable one for the entire group, especially the groom. And falling from a height of over 15,000 feet is all the fun you need. Out of all the bucks party, this one is an ultimate and borderline crazy idea. The near-death movement in the air, will give clarity to the buck and his mates. You all connect on a deeper level.

  1. Watch a Sporting Game from a Box
Watch a Sporting Game

Men just love sports.  Whether it’s live on television or you are attending the stadium in person; sports is something for which men are emotional. The best seats in the stadium are in the box. A special place for you to relax and enjoy the game with the best view. If your buck and your entire gang are AFL or Cricket Fan, rent a box for a match.

You won’t regret the decision as you all can chill out and enjoy the game without any interruption. There are various box packages that one can avail. Select the one which suits your purpose and your pocket. Almost all the box includes air conditioning, glass sliding doors, and comfortable seating. You can also order food of your liking and premium beverages to make best out of your time.

  1. Hire A Party Boat

Hiring a party boat entirely for your buck and their friend is a coolest bucks day idea ever. This idea is basically for those who love to chill out and loves partying. By hiring a party boat with all the comfort onboard, your gang have some good time in the sea. Your buck will feel like a king by having an entire boat for himself and his close friends.

Their many party boat planners out there, so you won’t face any problem while looking for them. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a buck’s party on a boat and make the best out of time.


When it comes to party ideas, you can get as innovative as you want. The above-mentioned ideas will simplify your process of throwing your buck the best party before getting married. Have fun guys.