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7 Renovation Ideas to Improve Energy Efficiency

energy efficient home

If you are thinking about upgrading your home’s energy efficiency with some home renovations, then there are lots of things you can do. You can do more than getting rid of old appliances or outdated products that increase the power load and cause spikes in power bills and your carbon footprint.

During home renovations, there are many ways you can efficiently decrease your regular use of power. The following points briefly explain how you can make your home more energy efficient.

  • Seal home against air leaks

Does your room feel cold even when you’ve turned on the heater? It may be warm air escaping through gaps around windows and doors. You can also experience this in summer, when it’s difficult to keep a room cold. In both cases, more electricity is than necessary. The effective solution for this issue is to seal all the gaps and cracks present around your doors and windows.

  • Install double-glazed windows or tinted windows

Before panicking about your rising power bills, check your windows. Are they well-tinted to stop heat gain? Is the frame sealed well? Are the blinds or curtains restricting as much heat or cold as possible? If your answer is no to any of the questions, then you must rectify them immediately during home renovations.

Windows, if well-sealed and glazed, protect your house from extreme temperatures. They keep your home cool in summer and keep it warm in winter, effectively reducing your power consumption and your bills.

Moreover, with tinted windows, you will have added privacy from any prying eyes. Whether for aesthetics or functionality, tinted windows are a great addition to your renovated home.

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  • Landscape to improve passive cooling

Plan your landscape in a way to get passive cooling. For instance, grow trees near your windows and doors to keep your home cool in summer. When the trees shed their leaves in winter, sunlight can come in and help heat your home too.

Based on the direction your house faces, you can construct pergolas or plant shrubs to reduce the reflection of the sun’s heat.

  • Convert to solar

Solar panels are all the rage now and for very good reason. Using the sun’s energy for heating, cooling and all other electrical needs is the best way to reduce your power bills. It is environmentally friendly too.

Home renovations

You can use a smart solar battery system for your pool pump and you can turn on the air conditioning for as long as you want without worrying about a big power bill or creating as big of a carbon footprint. Consult any top solar power companies for an installation cost and other procedures. Renovating is the best time to think smart and start using smart systems like solar.

  • Improve your insulation

Insulating your home, including ceilings and roofs, will keep your home at a comfortable temperature no matter the season. If you are planning home renovations, then don’t forget to think about insulation. It can be installed in many places to help reduce how often you need to use heating and cooling systems.

  • Upgrade appliances

Do you know that you can save about 25% on your energy bill by using the highest star-rated electric appliances? You may get low-rated appliances at a cheap cost but those are the ones responsible for increasing your bills. So in addition to renovating your home, dispose of your old appliances and replace them with high star-rated devices to make your home energy-efficient.

  • Let in natural light

Whether you are building a new home or renovating, design the structure in a way that you can get light without too much heat. Ventilation is the key factor in keeping your house brighter, warmer, livelier, especially in winters. You can capture and store as much sunlight as possible through the perfect insulation and design plans. You can also think about constructing a sun room to enjoy the sunlight all year.

Final thoughts

Making your home energy efficient not only affects your bills but also you are taking the initiative in living a greener life for the benefit of the environment. With some smart renovations, you can see your power bills decrease quickly while making a good impact on the environment.