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Electrical Services and Maintenance of Commercial Industries

Electrical Services of Commercial Industries


Providing electricity to the whole commercial Industries is an effort put by the team to understand the circuit structure. Every instrument in the industry needs different voltage of electricity. The wiring for these commercial industries can be mainly done by professionals who would meet the deadlines, reduces the downtime in business operations as well. With the wiring needs industrial machinery repair and maintenance for its proper functioning.


When we talk about lighting of the commercial business and industry, it’s vital to think about the most efficient way to provide light as well as save money with it. Solar Panel are the efficient way to provide light than relying completely on electricity. The sun above us is hotter than the electricity that comes through the wires.

The benefits of Solar Panels for commercial lighting are:

  • Less Electricity Cost- With the help of solar panels you will be able to use the electricity in an efficient manner reducing the cost of electricity significantly.
  • Property Net Worth- Solar panels add value to your property and its green energy option significantly reduces the cost of electricity that you might have to pay.
  •  Reduces Carbon Footprint- As solar panels do not emit any dangerous or harmful gases; it helps in reducing carbon footprint.
  • Silent Energy Production- Unlike the gas or oil generators, solar panels are quite and pleasant sounding hum from the transformers that converts direct electricity from your Solar Panels.

The next best option instead of solar panels are LEDs. Here’s why.

LEDs are energy efficient that isn’t so expensive on the power bills. This also helps in reduction of greenhouse gas emission. It’s better to shift to LED than the florescent tube which tend to flicker or get dimmer with age and consumes more energy making it expensive on the bills.

The benefits:

  • Low on cost of electricity
  • Low on maintenance
  • Easy and quick upgrade
  • Improves productivity of work

Strategic Lighting plans for every area in the office, workplace, or factory is crucial including, conference rooms, car parks, storage facility, and warehouse. To have a customized lighting plan it’s better you hire professional with specialized knowledge and skill.

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Difference between commercial and Industrial Electricians

Industrial Electricians

Generally, Industrial Electricians work in factories, Plants or mines for repairs or re-wiring. These electricians have advanced knowledge and expertise to handle the complex equipment’s that are used in the industries.  Even though industrial electrical work mainly in factories, plants or mines, they also do other kinds of jobs but majorly focus on hydraulic, pneumatic and other kinds of Industrial Machinery Repair.

Tasks and Duties:

An industrial Electrician sees that a large factory is operating smoothly and safely. They also see the efficiency of the machinery and its operation. There are other tasks and duties that they do:

  • Install new electrical system
  • Troubleshoot the electric equipment
  • Repair and maintenance of the equipment

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians are specialized in providing electrical repair, maintenance and safety checks for commercial offices, retail stores, and other workplaces. These electricians can also design, plan and diagram electrical systems specific to the workplace’s needs.  These electricians usually work with tools like screwdrivers, pliers etc., along with power and monitoring tools.

Tasks and Duties:

  • Install new equipment and rewiring existing equipment
  • Repairing or maintaining heating and cooling systems
  • Install security alarm systems
  • Follow the state, local or national guidelines for wiring and electrical system
  • Designing electrical systems

Commercial electricians mainly focus on operating of wiring and electrical components of a business.

Data Cabling and Wiring

Commercial electricians do data cabling for high quality cable installation in offices. From Ethernet to fiber optics commercial electricians do everything. Data cabling is running of cables and their connections to and from multiple places in the office.

While data cabling as the owner of the place, these are questions that will help the commercial electrician design the wiring.

  • How many staff members are on-site?
  • What kind of phone systems are in use?
  • How quickly is your company going to grow?
  • What is the business structure like?
  • Do you rent out office space to other businesses?

The answers to the questions above will provide the number of sockets, ports and cabling of the office.

Phones and computers.

After the evolution of the paper records and old fashioned telephones to computers and phones in the office its vital to take the help of a commercial electrician for the connection of them and not make it a mess. If your office mainly uses wireless phones and computers (laptop) then there’s not much data cable required. But in case of emergencies or if there a problem of wifi, Ethernet is required and strategic cabling is vital.

Maintenance of Commercial Electricity

Electrical maintenance is done by a licensed electrician, the task for them is usually maintaining and repairing electronic equipment used in the commercial office. It covers areas like:

  • Computer Software issues
  • Electrical Machines
  • Generators
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • HVAC systems
  • Lighting systems

For commercial businesses, electrical maintenance is even more necessary than ever as any electrical failure can cause downtime and data loss. Emergency and generators are the first defensive machinery than buys us time to solve the problem and continue the office running.


These are a few necessary factors that needs to be planned out properly. From understanding about the difference between industrial and commercial electricians to regular maintenance of the electrical wiring and cabling everything is important for smooth functioning of the business. Another option to save money from spending a lot on electricity is to either shifting to LEDs or electricity through solar panels.