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How to Hire Temporary Workers?

Labour hire

Tips for hiring temporary workers

As anyone who has spent time trying to hire the right person will tell you, the recruitment process can be time consuming and expensive. Sifting through the applications and CVs, the interviews and testing, tracking down references, and the uncertainty about whether you not you’ve hired the right person for the job. And sometimes, during busy periods, you need new staff quickly.

As many people know, sometimes it’s easier to outsource the recruitment process to a credible labour hire company, especially when you’re trying to fill temporary positions.

Labour hiring agencies have a wide database that includes worker profiles related to various fields. Hence, if you need blue or white-collared employees, you can find them easily with the right recruitment agency. Also, as these workers are thoroughly checked (for background, experience, security and so on), you don’t have to invest extra time for it.

Construction recruitment

But before you outsource your temporary labour hiring, there are some factors you need to consider. This will help you make sure that your recruitment firm brings on the right people for the right periods of time.

  • Consider your budget

Temporary workers are usually paid on an hourly or daily basis. So, depending on the urgency of the need and requirements of your project, you have to determine how many workers you need. Also, check if you can pay them as per your project’s budget. On the other hand, if you need their services for a long time, then you could think about hiring permanent employees where you can pay them a fixed amount monthly.

  • When are your peak times and how long do they last?

You should be able to recognise the peak times for your business. For instance, you may have seasonal requirements depending on the type of project or client you are handling. For retail businesses, this would be over the Christmas period. Other industries, like construction, don’t follow seasonal peaks and troughs in terms of workload. Their peaks and troughs are associated with project stages, taking on new contracts or finishing existing projects.

So, labour requirements will need to be planned according to these seasonal or project-based demands. Understanding those peak times and forecasting their length will help to ensure that your labour hire company is armed with the knowledge it needs to ensure that your business is properly staffed all year round.

  • What kind of expertise, experience do your temporary workers need?

Before approaching recruitment agencies, you need to prepare a detailed job description showing the expertise and experience you require in the temporary workers. For instance, if you are looking for construction recruitment agencies to secure skilled tradespeople like electricians, plumbers or carpenters, you need to fully outline what experience and qualifications you require, including site tickets, certificates, safety training and so on.

  • How quickly do you want the temporary hire to start?

Do you need temporary workers to start immediately or is there a particular starting date? Clarifying your start date requirements will help your recruitment agencies filter applicants according to their availability. This also allows you to plan accordingly to your project requirements by assigning the necessary work for each employee.

  • When you need a special skill required for your project

Sometimes, you are faced with a problem that requires a particular skill. Your current employees might not have the expertise in it. In this situation, you can approach labour-hire services. These agencies are equipped with highly-skilled professionals that provide the ideal solution whenever you have a critical issue. You can hire such temporary workers to get quick and efficient solutions.

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  • Make it Legal

It’s important to ensure that any temporary staff you take on have legal work rights to work in Australia. Hiring staff without legal work rights can be quick and convenient and sometimes save you money. However, you could find yourself in legal hot water if something goes wrong. 

You already might have an independent contractor agreement that you use while hiring temporary workers. But you have to improvise/customise it according to your individual or short-term projects. You can avoid this hassle by approaching recruitment agencies that have these contracts already in place. You only need to ensure that the agreement they have is according to your company’s policies.

The Bottom Line

Whether its construction recruitment or any other industry recruitment, you have to make sure that your existing team is accepting the temporary hire without any issue. You have to foster an encouraging environment in your workplace for the increased productivity from all the employees. Moreover, hiring temporary workers is not a risk-oriented process. Being careful about the legal issues and finding the right recruitment agency will simplify the whole recruiting process. You can rely on such professional agencies to have a seamless and stress-free recruiting process.