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Pros and Cons of Marble Benchtops

Marble Benchtops Melbourne

There’s more to marble than just a beautiful looking stone. For many homeowners, a marble benchtop is a must-have in the kitchen or bathroom. However, before you start contacting marble suppliers to get your own marble benchtops installed, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of this unique and versatile stone. This way you can make an informed decision and use the marble to the best of its abilities.


  • Striking and unique

The addition of marble can turn a standard home into a palace. It can make a space feel more elegant and luxurious.

Marble is a striking stone that comes in a wide range of colors. The veins running throughout also create unique patterns that enhance the atmosphere of a space.

Unlike faux marble, no true marble looks like another. When you choose to get a marble benchtop, you’re getting something completely unique that no one else has. This can be a talking point with guests as you both enjoy the marble’s aesthetic beauty and functional appeal.

  • Naturally occurring material

As a stone, marble is a naturally occurring element. This means it is not synthetically created. If you’re trying to create a stunning, natural-themed home, marble can be a great inclusion.

Additionally, as marble is a naturally occurring material, the scarcity of certain types can make it even more lucrative to have in your home. Having an in-demand but rare item can make your home feel more luxurious and classier.

  • Can increase property value

Since marble is a prestigious building material and its worth does not diminish quickly, the addition of marble benchtops to your home can be a simple way to increase your property’s value. Not only is it a versatile and hard-wearing material, but it makes the space look better. These are all reasons why it will drive your home’s value up.

  • Long-lasting

Though regarded as a soft stone, marble is a favorite for countertops for good reason. The stone is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily activities in the kitchen, like using pots and pans.

With proper maintenance and good care, a marble benchtop can serve you for a long time.

  • Comes in a variety of colours

You may find it surprising, but marble is available in wide range of colors including white, black, rose, green and yellow. This multitude of colors means you can use marble in your home, regardless of its current style and theme. You don’t need to redesign your entire house to get a great looking benchtop installed.

  • Heat resistant

As marble is a stone, it has natural heat resistant properties. You’ll often find it’s cool and doesn’t conduct heat. However, to preserve the marble’s stunning appearance, it’s not recommended that you place hot pots or pans on it.


  • Expensive

Like many luxury items, marble comes with a high price tag. It can be an expensive addition to a home and may not suit everyone’s budget. However, you may be able to get a lower-quality marble to suit your means.

  • High maintenance

Without proper care and the correct sealant, the surface of your marble can become dull and scratched over time. While marble can be used in kitchens, it’s not recommended for kitchens where a lot of heavy-duty work goes on. As it is a softer stone, it scratches and chips more easily. If your knife slips off a cutting board or if you drop a pot onto the bench could mark your benchtop permanently.

  • In demand and limited

While marble is considered a prestigious building material, this does have downsides. The high demand and limited availability for marble simultaneously makes it a more luxurious product while making it very expensive and difficult to get.

If you want a particular marble for your kitchen, it may be extremely costly and take a long time to get it.

  • Heavy

Unlike some other benchtop materials, marble is incredibly heavy. This is why we recommend professionals install it. It can be easy to drop the stone and injure yourself as well as damage your new benchtop.

  • Easily stained

Marble is a porous substance, which means it can absorb liquids. So, if you accidentally spill something like red wine, tomato juice or curry sauce,you may end up permanently staining your marble. To avoid this, clean the surface immediately and ensure there is a proper sealant on the marble.

  • Shows wear and tear

Marble does wear and tear. While it can look stunning for years after being installed, it requires a lot of maintenance and care. In a standard home, this may not always be possible. As a result, your marble benchtops may start to look tired and worn out. When considering adding marble to your home, think carefully on this stone’s pros and cons. Don’t forget to look at alternatives to find something that suits you best.