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Where to look for spare car parts?

Mazda cx5

If your car needs repair work, it can often be cheaper to do the job yourself. This can even include replacing damaged parts. However, if you’re new to DIY car repair, you might not know how to find the parts you need.

Different car models demand different parts. For instance, you may not be able to use Mazda CX5 parts in a Ford car. But where do you go to find the parts you need while avoiding getting ripped off?

There are actually a range of places you can find spare car parts.

Online Retailers

In this digital age, online is often the first port of call for many interested consumers, no matter the sought-after item. This includes car parts. You can find a range of parts online of varying qualities and for different prices. This can be a quick and easy to find what you want, particularly if your car is uncommon where you live.

With online retailers, the world is open to you. You can easily compare prices at different stores to ensure you’re getting a good deal. But don’t forget about the cost of shipping. This can become quite expensive if the part needs to travel a long way.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell if you’re looking at a reputable site. The parts sold to you may not accurately reflect what you thought you were buying, like being poor quality or a completely different item. It can also make returning or exchanging parts difficult.

Therefore, make sure to research the retailer before committing your money. It may also be best to try and look for online retailers in your country first to keep shipping costs down.

Online individual sellers

Along with online retailers, you can also find individual sellers online. They may be car enthusiasts, tradesmen or fellow DIYers. They may advertise their products on public trade sites like eBay or through car forums.

They’re unlikely to have an extensive range like an online retailer, but they may have Mazda CX5 parts that are harder to find. You may also be able to get a good deal or negotiate the price more easily.

But it can also come with more risk. Individual sellers may be less reliable than online retailers, so you need to make sure you’re confident that you’re getting what you pay for. Check their online reviews and ratings where possible. Discuss with them if they are open to returns or exchanges if there is an issue with the part too.

Mazda cx5 Parts

Auto part retailers

If you’d prefer to look at parts in person, you can go to auto part retailers. Look for them in your local area.

Auto part retailers often have a wide range of parts, but these may only be for common vehicles. If you have a more exclusive car, they may not have the part you want. However, they may be able to recommend you to a store that does. Or they may be able to order it in.

Additionally, auto part retailers tend to sell good quality parts at fair prices. They may also offer warranties on any sales, as well as returns.

As with any seller, make sure you check that the auto part retailer is reliable. Look at reviews and speak to anyone you know who has purchased from them for their recommendation. Don’t forget, you can also compare prices at different stores. You can do this online by checking their websites, by calling them up or visiting the different stores yourself.

Junkyards and wreckers

If your budget is tight, used and second-hand parts can be a good way to go. Often the best places for these are junkyards and wreckers.You may be able to find a wider range of car parts here than at retailers, but it will depend on the cars that are common in that area.

Some wreckers and junkyards may also recondition parts and ensure they are working before putting them up for sale. Ask any wreckers you’re approaching if this is what they do, and if they offer warranties and returns.

Direct from car manufacturers

You can also purchase Mazda car parts direct from car manufacturers. This can be a good way to get a guaranteed good-quality product that will fit your car. However, they may be more expensive as they aren’t third-party parts.

However, before you purchase anything, do your research. Decide if the seller is reliable, if the price of the parts is reasonable, if the quality of the parts is acceptable, and find out if you can return parts or they come with a warranty. With the right research, you can find the parts you need every time without risking your money.