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Tips for Creating the Perfect Nursery

Nursery Room

Having a new addition to the family can be one of the greatest things in life. However, this joy comes with big responsibilities. From purchasing a crib to picking the right toys – you need to take care when creating the perfect nursery for your child. Children are very sensitive to their surroundings, so you need a nursery specially designed for them. But this can be a tricky task. So, here are some tips to help you create a perfect nursery for your baby.

Safety comes first!

The safety of your kid should be top priority with every decision you make while designing the nursery. Kids are curious and aren’t aware of possible dangers around the home. Simple things like electrical cords and blinds can present great risks to them. If you aren’t certain if an item is safe for your child, research and find out. Your child should not be left alone for long periods of times either.


Lighting and the ability to control it is essential to any nursery. Young children will need to nap during the day, so you need to make the space dark enough to sleep in easily even when the sun is shining. Use black-out blinds or curtains for this.

You can use small nightlights or string lights to add a little light to the space if your child is afraid of the dark or to help you quickly check on them as they sleep.

The nursery should also receive plenty of natural light. Exposure to natural light can improve and help with your child’s sleep patterns.

Pick a style or theme for your decor

Choose a style or theme that suits your home and child. There are lots to choose from and having a set style or theme can make it easy to shop for furniture and decor. This is because you can easily discount items that do not match the theme.

Here are a few examples of popular nursery themes:

  • Jungle — Choose greens and browns to create a natural feeling space. You can even use natural materials like jute or sea grass to add texture to rugs or decor. Make sure there are plenty of colorful and cheerful characters too, like lions, giraffes and zebras.
  • Fairy tale — Fairy tales are a childhood favorite. From sleeping princesses, dashing knights and flying dragons, there’s plenty to get a child’s imagination going. Pick rich colors and materials, like red and velvet. Add some magical or royal touches like a draping curtain or a friendly knight to tie the room together.
  • Under the sea—The ocean is almost like another world, with brightly colored fish and plants. Create a calming underwater atmosphere in your child’s room with some soft blues. Make sure to have plenty of fish featured, whether they’re in pictures, part of a mobile or a cuddly friend.
  • Dinosaurs—All kids love dinosaurs and a dinosaur nursery is easy to achieve. Pick greens and browns for base colors. Then you’ve got plenty of options for dinosaur-patterned fabric, as well as books and toys.
Perfect Nursery with carpet cleaning

Be prepared for mess

Young kids are very active and don’t always know exactly what they should or shouldn’t do. When they start playing, they might quickly make a mess in their excitement.

To make it easy to clean up these messes, plan your nursery accordingly. Choose furniture and textiles that are easy to clean and highly durable. You want to be able to spend as much time with your child as possible, rather than having to forgo that bonding time for carpet cleaning.

Nursing station

For ease and a quick clean-up, have a designated nursing space in your child’s room. Have sturdy furniture and everything you need ready. Then you can nurse your child without any problems.

Changing area

It will be some time until your child is toilet trained. As a result, you’ll need to be ready for dirty nappies. A space to change them is vital for a nursery. Make sure it can be easily sanitized and that your child will be safe. Have everything handy so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Kids need a lot of stuff so storage is a must in any room. Try and be creative, incorporating storage into furniture. For items that children shouldn’t play with, make sure these are out for each or can be locked away. Toys and other things meant for children should be easily accessible so kids can play as they wish.

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Be creative but flexible

Decorate your child’s room as you want but remember to keep the design flexible. Firstly, this is to ensure that the room is as safe as possible. But also so that the room can grow you’re your child. Your child may become embarrassed if the room is too young for them.

Additionally, as they grow older certain items may not be necessary and should be easy to replace.

Have fun creating your child’s nursery but always keep safety mind.