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How to create a healthy, personalized workspace?

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The place where you work all day can have a significant impact on your mental and physical well being. Many studies have shown that a healthy and personalized workspace can improve your productivity as well as your well being. Whether you’re working in an office or working from home, use the office fit out tips below to create the best workspace for you.

  • Air quality

Air quality can have a direct impact on your health. Poor air quality can make you feel sick and even exacerbate respiratory conditions like asthma. The air quality in your workspace can be affected by ventilation, like whether there are open windows or air conditioning, as well as cleanliness, like whether there is a lot of dust around.

Where possible, open windows to let in fresh air. If you use an air conditioning system, make sure the filter is regularly cleaned to avoid circulating dust or mold around your office.

  • Natural light

Just like fresh air, natural light is also important for your overall well being, including in the workplace. If possible, set up your workspace where it can get natural light, like next to a window or under a skylight.

If you can’t get access to natural light, invest in high-quality light fixtures and bulbs that will not strain your eyes. You can also try setting up mirrors to reflect natural light throughout your office.  

  • Ergonomics

An ergonomic workspace is better for your health as well. This includes how your desk and computer are set up, including how high your chair, is how far away your keyboard is and the height of your screen. It may be helpful to get an expert in to check that your workspace is set up correctly.

A standing desk can be an excellent ergonomic choice for your workspace. It is not healthy to sit for long periods of time and a standing desk can allow you to break up your day with sitting and standing.

All ergonomic design is intended to support your body to prevent common pains associated with working at a desk for many hours regularly. With an ergonomic set-up, you’ll likely find you experience less neck, shoulder and back pain. When you feel better, you’ll need less sick days and will likely be more effective at your job.

  • Plants

Plants have been shown to be beneficial in work-spaces. Along with improving the air quality in a space, they can also create a calming atmosphere. They can be something that freshens up your work area and makes it look professional, yet personal.

  • Decorations

Many people enjoy having a personalized workspace that feels like theirs. This can help you feel more comfortable at work, as well as reducing stress. Try adding favorite photos or small decorations to give a personal touch to your workspace.

However, avoid going overboard as clutter can become distracting and make it difficult to concentrate and work at your desk. 

There are, however, other ways to subtly personalized your workspace. Choose decor that is also functional. This can include giving yourself organisation tools, like filing trays or drawers, as well as customizing your mouse mat with a favorite design.

  • Flexible workstations

Depending on your employer, or if you work from home, you may be able to create flexible workstations. This can help refresh you throughout the day. For instance, if you need to collaborate with someone, it can be helpful to sit on a couch together to have your discussion, rather than send emails back and forth from different offices.

Speak to your employer about ways you think your office can become a flexible workspace, with different areas for varying aspects of your role. This could include making it easier to bring desks together for long-term collaborative work or having separate meeting spaces.

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Making your workspace healthier, along with making it more personalized, is easy. Follow the steps above for a more efficient and productive work life. Remember to focus on basic needs, like making sure you can work comfortably at your desk, as well as getting plenty of natural light and good quality air. And don’t forget to keep personal touches minimal to avoid cluttering your space.