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6 Reasons to Choose Organic Tea

Organic Tea

Organic food and drink are gaining traction these days. More people are choosing organic products, like tea. Organic tea is different to conventional tea for a number of reasons, but do you know why you should make your next cup of tea organic?

When strolling down the tea aisle at the supermarket, you’ll most likely see lots of conventional teas. These teas are grown using different chemicals and pesticides. While these chemicals and pesticides can mean more of the crop can be harvested and processed into tea, it does have problems. For instance, many people, understandably, do not like the idea of drinking something that has been exposed to an unknown number of unknown chemicals.

Therefore, many people are making the switch to organic. To be defined as organic, the product needs to meet a few standards.

  • Pesticides, herbicides, non-organic fertilizers, chemicals and fungicides cannot be used in the growth or harvesting of the product. These chemicals can do untold damage to both the environment and the human body.
  • Organic farming also must sustain and enhance the local ecosystem, including the soil, plants, wildlife and general environment. Farmers who follow organic practices farm in harmony with the environment, rather than against it.
  • Organic products can also not be genetically modified. While the genetic modification of conventional tea crops may be to ensure the plants can withstand tough conditions, this can have adverse effects on the local environment. For instance, as the farmer does not need to care for the crops as closely, they may not care for the surrounding environment as well. 

Clearly, there are some key differences between organic and conventional tea. But why should you make the switch when conventional tea is often cheaper and more accessible?

  1. Look after your health

Tea is good for your health. It can help keep you calm, lower your blood pressure and even protect your brain from degenerative diseases. However, conventional tea, as noted above, can also be doused in chemicals.

While the tea companies will rinse the product of the chemicals, trace elements will still remain. They can then leach out into your morning cup of tea and affect your health. For instance, some pesticides and chemicals used in conventional tea farming have been found to poison individuals or even lead to cancer.

Organic tea, however, never comes into contact with these chemicals. Therefore, you can be sure there are no harmful nasties hiding in your relaxing cup of tea.

  1. Look after the health of farmers

Just as the chemicals used in the farming of conventional tea can affect you as the drinker of the tea, they can also harm the farmers who work closely with the crops. These pesticides may poison or cause cancer.

However, this isn’t a problem with organic farming. Therefore, you can choose to drink a tea that doesn’t harm anyone.

  1. Empower small farmers

Organic farms are typically small businesses. This is because the work requires close attention and organic farming principles mean they cannot expand as much as conventional tea farms. Therefore, when you choose organic, you’re supporting small businesses. The money made by these small businesses then goes back into the local communities, helping everyone.

  1. Help to support the environment

Because organic farming does not use harmful chemicals, like pesticides and fungicides, your tea choice can also help support the environment. The principles of organic farming allow for local ecosystems to thrive, preserving unique wildlife and flora.

Small organic farms do not clear as much land, preserving the environment that already exists. The farming practices also go a long way to improve the existing environmental conditions, like soil quality.

Further, because organic farms do not use harmful chemicals, there is no risk of these chemicals moving throughout the environment. For instance, pesticides can be washed off plants and enter local water systems. This can harm fish populations, which can have knock-on effects when a common food source is taken away from the native animal population.

  1. Better for tea plant

Organic farming is also better for the tea plant. You can expect a healthier, more natural crop. This can ensure that local tea plant varieties and heirloom plants are kept around, rather than genetically modifying them for an easier harvest.

  1. Better taste

Because the tea plant is in better condition and grown in a natural way, you’ll also find organic tea has a better taste than conventional tea. The tastes can be quite unique and even vary from batch to batch, creating an exclusive experience to truly taste the flavor of a region.

Additionally, as no chemicals have been used while the crop has been grown, there is no risk of chemicals altering the flavor. It’s clear from the benefits that organic tea should be in your pantry. Whether it’s for a morning cup to wake you up, or a soothing brew to help you get to sleep, organic is the way to go to look after yourself, the farmers and the environment.