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Best accessories to prevent phone screen cracking

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Smartphones have become a necessity for everyone. Whether you want to call, text, search online and even order food, this handy device does it all. But sometimes, due to improper handling, your smartphone’s screen may crack. This can happen when if it falls to the ground and the impact is severe. As a result, you can expect some pretty expensive phone repairs.

Well, the good news is you can avoid your screen cracking in most instances by making sure you have the right accessories.

  • Protective case
Protective case

One of the most common methods to prevent phone screens from cracking is to have a protective case. With the latest technology, many companies have come up with reliable and strong protective cases for almost every model of the major smartphones. This is because of there’s an ever-increasing demand for protective cases.

So how does a case stop your phone screen from cracking? For a start, it depends on the quality and design of the case. Cheaper, lightweight cases don’t protect your phone from much more than scratches. However, a heavy-duty protective case can be a bit more expensive and a little heavier or bulkier but do a much better job.

A protective case works by ensuring that it is the case that takes the brunt of the impact rather than the screen. It does this by having a protruding lip or edge, as well as rubber to distribute the shock away from the screen.

  • PopSockets

PopSockets have become incredibly popular as they make it easier to hold your phone. And with a good handhold, it’s much harder to drop your phone and damage the screen. They are small plastic contraptions that are attached to back of your phone (or phone case) and have a circular base with a stylish disc and flexible stem.

And while PopSockets work to greatly reduce how often you drop your phone, they can also be very stylish. They come in a wide range of designs and patterns. You can even customize them with your favorite photos.They also make a great stand for your phone if you want to use it hands free.

  • Glass screen protector
Glass screen protector

A glass screen protector is a thin sheet of tempered glass that sticks to your phone’s screen. A quality screen protector will not affect how you use the phone — it should even feel like your phone’s screen.

If you drop your phone, the idea is that the screen protector will break rather than your phone screen. You can then replace it for far cheaper than fixing the screen. Read here to know more about Repair or Replace a Mobile Phone.

Some glass screen protectors even have bonus features, like being thicker than the phone’s actual screen and therefore hardier. Others even coming with an oleophobic coating, which limits smudges and fingerprints on the glass.

  • Plastic screen protector
Plastic screen protector

Alternatively, you can use a plastic screen protector just as you would a glass one. These can be cheaper and hardier than glass. However, they can be more difficult to apply, and you have to make sure you don’t get any air bubbles in it. They also don’t last as long and can begin to peel after a few months.

  • Phone wallet

A phone wallet can also help protect your screen. Choose a hardy design that covers both the front and back of your phone. It should also be able to be securely closed, like with a clasp or button. This will prevent it from flipping open if you drop your phone.

If your phone is in a phone wallet, the screen is less likely to make direct contact with the ground. Instead, the phone wallet will distribute you the impact around the phone and away from the screen. You may also find the phone wallet is more effective if you keep cards and cash in it. This can create extra padding that can further protect your phone screen.


While even the most durable cases and screen protectors can’t protect your phone screen in every eventuality, you can reduce the likelihood of a cracked phone screen with these accessories. For best results, make use of all four to keep your phone screen in pristine condition. And if your phone screen does crack, make sure to get it repaired by a professional.