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The Important Yet Simple Tasks for Maintaining Your Roof

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The worth of your roof is even more than your branded car, Aussies. It shelters you to hide, fights against extreme weather, and protects you from hazardous elements. Still, some of you tend to overlook the essential component of your house. This can lead to expensive roof repairs and sometimes replacement.

There are multiple ways to save you from spending big bucks on it. Consider these important yet simple tasks for maintaining your roof.

  1. Timely gutter cleaning:

It may sound like a daunting task, but it is essential for your roof maintenance. Clean your gutters every fall and spring (that means twice a year). But if you have pine trees near your home, then clean once every three months. It will allow water to make its way clear to the gutters instead of your roof.

  1. Install a gutter brush:

Safest of all! While you’re up on your roof cleaning roof gutter, you must think about installing a gutter brush. It’s designed wisely to show debris its place out of the gutter system. In simple words, it keeps the trash out of the gutters. Plus, it is of low maintenance and needs proper washing only once a year.

  1. Inspection is a must:

Just living and dining in your home is not enough. You have to keep an eye on a few parts of your home. Look inside the house for dark spots and bubbling paint on ceilings – they are the sure-shot sign of water damage. Even near fireplaces, you can find damp spots. Hence, inspect all these areas and look for such signs.

  1. Look for missing shingles:

Sometimes, Melbourne’s western suburbs get caught in the tug of war between coldest and warmest months, which results in extreme wind. There are chances of shingles missing or tiles on your roof. Look for such signs, also check if curling and cupping or the shingles are buckled.

  1. Give attention to your chimney:

Soon after the shingles, you must rotate your eyes to your chimney. It is crucial to check the flashing and ensure that it isn’t separated or damaged. Besides, vents or any structures that are creeping into your roof need to be checked; making sure its sealant isn’t dislodging.

  1. Clean the nearby trees:

What’s around your roof? Trees or accumulated leaves? These leftover leaves can get trapped in the moisture, leading to decomposition and, the worst, weed growth. Also, the branches hanging on your roof give away to the squirrels to damage your roof, so trim them. So, make sure that they are at least 10 feet away from your roof. Otherwise, the holes in it will ask you for roof restoration. Also find out the risks of DIY roof repairs.

Roof Restoration Taylors Lakes
  1. Check for moss:

The dangerous weapon of roof damage! Before checking, you should know how black algae and moss affects your roof. On one side, black spot looking algae simply affects your home’s aesthetics, while moss damages your roof. Stop the moss from growing over your roof; otherwise, it would lead to costly roof repairs.

  1. Stop ice dam:

You should always use a roof that keeps the snow off your rooftop, especially during the snowstorms. There’s no denying that suburbs like Taylors Lakes deals with extreme weather conditions. Therefore, people living in this region should keep their attic adequately insulated and free of air leaks. In addition to this, check for leakages around vents and chimneys as mentioned in the above points.

Final words:

Whether you’re living in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs or Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, maintaining your roof is a must. The above monthly or quarterly or half-yearly, or yearly tasks would help you protect and prolong your roof’s life. Some may help you with the roof restoration. Take care of your roof like your car and enjoy its long life.