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How to Prepare Your Car for Sale?

Sell Car To Dealer

Selling your car to a dealer can be a simple and straight forward way to get rid of an unwanted car, while also getting some cash back. Using a dealership can save you from the hassles of private selling. A reliable dealer will also help you get the maximum possible return for your car.

Before you take your car to a dealer, however, it can be a good idea to follow the steps below to make the selling process even easier.

Choose a Dealer

Look online for nearby dealers and speak to friends and family for recommendations. Check online reviews for dealerships, as well as confirming they have a current license and insurance.

Sort out the Paperwork

Gather any relevant paperwork, like proof of registration, previous roadworthy certificates and logbooks. If you have any records of past maintenance or repairs, find these also. This can be a good way to prove that the car has been well looked after and increase how much the dealer will pay you for it.

Organize an Inspection

Your car should be in the best condition possible before you sell it. Visit a service center or mechanic and arrange for an inspection.

Fix any problems they find so your selling price will be higher. Factor in how much the repairs will cost and what the likely return will be before spending a lot of money on repairs though.

Get a Roadworthy Certificate

A roadworthy certificate shows that your car is safe. Your mechanic will check things like the tyres, steering, brakes and suspension for any issues. You may need to have some things fixed before a roadworthy certificate can be issued.

Set a Fair Price

Get an idea of what your car is worth by browsing ads for similar makes and models online. The market value of your car should also be recorded on any insurance or registration documentation, depending on where you live. Check this against what you see online.

Your price should be competitive but fair. Be prepared to negotiate. Find more blogs here >>

Sell Car To Dealer

Other things to do before Selling Your Car

  • Get minor dents and scratches repaired

To make a good first impression on the dealer and potential buyers, attend to any small dents and scratches. Some can be dealt with at home, with some polish and elbow grease, while others may require an expert.

  • Clean the interior

It’s simple, but cleaning the inside of your car can increase the selling price of your car. Throw out any rubbish and thoroughly vacuum and dust inside. You may even consider replacing floor mats and seat covers. Add a little fragrance too if you like.

If this is a big job, professional car cleaners can help for a reasonable price.

  • Clean the engine and engine bay

A clean engine shows that the car has been well cared for. It’s quite simple to clean an engine. First, cover any sensors, exposed wiring, spark plug openings and the distributor. Then run the car for five to ten minutes to loosen any dirt and grease build up.

Next you need to use a water- or citrus-based engine degreaser. The degreaser may need to sit for five or so minutes. Then you can carefully wash off the degreaser. Don’t use a high-pressure hose otherwise you may damage electrical connections.

To dry your engine, simply run it again.

  • Change the oil

Change the engine oil. This is a simple job that also shows the car is well cared for.

  • Wash your car

Once you’ve cleaned the interior and engine, give the outside of your car a thorough wash. Make it sparkle.

  • Take good pictures

To help your car sell, take lots of good-quality pictures. These should be from all angles, inside and out. You want to show every part of the car. The dealer can then show potential buyers these pictures.

Once you have prepared your car, it’s time to take it to the dealer. Be prepared to negotiate on your price but don’t undersell your car.

Ensure any agreements you sign specify how much money you will receive, how you will receive it and by what date. 

It can also be a good idea to let the dealer know that you are available to answer any questions buyers may have. Make sure they have a contact number for you.

Finally, before you leave your car, do a final check for any personal belongings.


Following the tips above can help you add value to your car before selling it to a dealership. These tips can also be used if your selling your car privately. Remember to get your car thoroughly checked by a mechanic and fix any issues, or let the buyer know about them. Make sure your car looks it best when it comes time to sell your car to a dealer and you’ll be sure to get a fair price for it.