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Different Types of Marble

types of marble

When you are considering the most durable and aesthetic material for flooring or countertops, marble will probably be the first thing that pops in your mind. It has gained worldwide popularity due to its many functional and aesthetic properties.

Marble is available in many forms, colors and textures. Depending on your taste, you can select one that best fits with your home.

So, what are the types of marble and which one should you choose? This blog will give you a quick understanding.

What is marble?

Before diving into the types of marble, let’s first understand what exactly it is and how it’s formed.

Marble is formed when limestone is subjected to high temperatures and pressures. The calcite in the limestone is the primary substance that hardens in extreme heat and this is what gives the marble a rock-like texture. The natural colors of the marble, like grey and black, are caused by different types of impurities present in the rock.

Why is it so popular (and so expensive)?

Marble has been used in buildings for centuries. There are many historical structures like the Taj Mahal and ancient Greek buildings which have been constructed using marble. They’re testament to how resilient marble is as a building material.

Marble is highly regarded as scratch and moisture-resistant material, which makes it ideal for flooring, as well as kitchen and bathroom countertops. Some people even build staircases out of marble.

Marble also doesn’t collect dust like other flooring surfaces, and it can be easily cleaned using a mop. You can save time and money by choosing marble rather than carpet or rugs. Marble looks just as good but is far easier to clean.

Marble, however, is expensive. This is because it is only found in certain areas of the world. But marble can also increase the value of your home. Marble can prove to be more of an investment rather than an expenditure for you.

Different types of marble

The many types of marble are mainly distinguished by their color.

Different types of marble

White marble

  • Carrara: Officially called Bianco Carrara marble, it appears whitish-grey and has thin and feathery veins all over the surface. Because of the subtle texture, Carrara is an excellent option for kitchen back splashes, countertops, firewalls frames and bathroom walls.
  • Calacutta: Unlike Carrara, Calacutta Marble has thick and cracked veins over its surface. It also has a whitish-grey color. This marble is named after its origin place in Italy. It can convert your home into a stylish and modern place by with its distinctive patterns associated with high class.
  • Statuario: This is a slightly darker marble compared to the above two. Even the veins on it are slightly darker grey. It forms a nice contrasting surface with darker veins on a lighter grey surface. It is the best choice for tiles and kitchen bench tops.

Black marble

When you want to give your property a royal and vintage look, use black marble. It makes a statement, especially when installed as a bathroom or kitchen countertops. Or you can create a breathtaking bar space with the help of stunning black marble designs.

Additionally, there are several variants in this marble, like Negro Marquina (solid black with white streaks), Nero Portoro (black with a leopard gold pattern) and Black Calacutta marble (black with greyish veins).

All these varieties look great when you install them as tiles, floors, walls, sinks, pavement, and bathroom and kitchen countertops.

Brown marble

If you are not a fan of darker hues like black, but also don’t like white marble, then brown marble is for you. It looks elegant, adventurous and is available in many shades of brown to match your style. However, unlike white marble, in small-sized rooms it can overwhelm the space and make the space seem closed off.

Grey marble

If you want a neutral shade that is not too fancy and not too solid, then grey fits your purpose. When installed, grey looks classy and gives your home an elegant look. It’s perfect for flooring, wall tiles and countertops. There are many shades of grey, ranging from light, medium and dark.

Red and pink marble

If you want a touch of color, then try red and pink marble. Pinks and light reds are calm, cosy colors and can be a nice change from typical black or white marbles. Colors like pink, red and white don’t overwhelm your space but create a pleasant atmosphere inside your home.

Alternatives to marble

Super White Dolomite, granite and quartz are the best alternatives to marble countertops, if you don’t want to use marble. Marble is a soft rock and so it can break more easily than these hard-rock alternatives. These hard rocks can with stand the daily wear and tear in busy kitchens and bathrooms more easily.